Powerful Display Of Unity At JCC Of Sullivan County Annual Meet & Greet [VIDEOS & PHOTOS]


The JCC of Sullivan County held its annual Meet & Greet event on Sunday with the participation of many elected officials. The JCC serves as a bridge between the Orthodox Jewish community and its leaders, and assists with voter registration efforts and general communal activism.

Officials at the event included Rep. Marc Molinaro, NY Sen. Pete Oberacker, District Attorney Brian Conaty, County Clerk Russell Reeves, Sheriff Mike Schiff, Undersheriff Eric Chaboty, and numerous others from across the county.

The event served to strengthen existing relationships between Jewish community activists and their elected officials, as well as to forge new ones that could mutually benefit the community and the officials.

The event was MC’d by Abe Rosenberg.

The JCC of Sullivan County is led by its founder and president Moshe Grunhut, along with team members Albert Brown, Abe Rosenberg, Mike Weber, Abe Rutner, Ari Grunhut, Israel Weinstock, Abe Mizrachi, and Yermiya Solomon.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)