KIDDUSH HASHEM: Chaveirim Bring Food And Drinks To Catskills Firefighters Battling Blaze At Homowack


The Homowack Lodge Resort, a relic of the famed Borscht Belt era, has fallen victim to yet another devastating fire. The once-popular destination, which had managed to hold out as one of the last remaining icons of its time, now sits in ruins as flames consumed the property for the second time in less than a week.

The most recent fire erupted on Tuesday night, unleashing a fierce blaze that continued to smolder well into the morning hours of Wednesday. Firefighters from surrounding counties were summoned to the scene, with over 150 responders battling the inferno that raged through the abandoned structures.

Chief Mark Wharton of the Summitville Fire Department revealed that the firefighting efforts were hampered by challenging conditions, including intense heat and limited access to the buildings. The resilience of the fire posed a formidable challenge to the courageous responders, who persevered in their mission to contain the flames.

Located at 359 Phillipsport Rd N, Wurtsboro, NY, in the picturesque Sullivan County, the Homowack Lodge Resort once attracted vacationers from New York City seeking a tranquil getaway amidst the countryside. For years, city dwellers would embark on a short drive to the resort, relishing a few days of relaxation and leisure.

Eyewitness accounts describe a scene of destruction as the multiple-alarm fire rapidly consumed the derelict buildings of the resort. Fire departments from nearby areas, including Ellenville, Circleville, and Napanoch, swiftly mobilized to combat the raging inferno. One dedicated first responder recounted his experience at the scene, stating, “It’ll be burning for a while.” The challenges presented by the fire’s intensity and scale foreshadowed a prolonged battle against the flames.

Fire officials have yet to determine the cause of the blaze, as a thorough investigation is currently underway. Updates regarding the incident will be provided as more information becomes available. The community remains on edge as the once-beloved Homowack Lodge Resort falls victim to these destructive fires, leaving behind memories of a bygone era.

As the fire raged on, a frum EMS and Chaveirim member, Joel Witriol, put in a request for an additional ambulance to go on standby at the scene. That request was made to Efroyam Rosenstock, who is also a Chaveirim member and works as the manager of the Casa Cava pizza shop in Monticello. To show their appreciation for the firefighters battling the heavy flames, the two put in an order at Casa Cava for 15 pizza pies, and a third Chaveirim member, Motty Fisher, picked the order up and brought the pies, along with drinks, to the scene.

As firefighters worked late into the night, the Chaveirim members brought an additional 35 pizza pies and drinks, ensuring that the men who risked their lives to save others were well fed and refreshed as they performed their heroic work.