Armed Robbers Target Diners Inside Kosher Miami Beach Restaurant


Three masked individuals brazenly entered a popular kosher Miami Beach steakhouse on Tuesday night, holding several diners at knifepoint before making off with their belongings.

The audacious robbery unfolded at the Grill House, a popular kosher steakhouse located at the intersection of 41st Street and Alton Road. Surveillance footage captured the criminals loitering outside the restaurant before entering. Once inside, they confronted three patrons who were savoring their meals, brandishing knives and demanding their valuables.

Startling images from the surveillance cameras show the culprits menacingly brandishing their weapons as they absconded with their victims’ property.

Local law enforcement in Miami Beach immediately sprang into action, mobilizing efforts to track down leads in the investigation.

“This is a closely-knit Jewish community, and patrons here have a genuine affection for the delectable cuisine,” Jesse Elkouby, an employee at the Grill House, told local media.

Authorities are now investigating the possibility that the assailants might have trailed the victims into the restaurant.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. This was a disturbing story. Not only for the story, but because it was overshadowed by:
    1. The peculiar 3rd grade level use of a thesaurus for innumerable and unnecessary adjectives.
    2. The peculiar image the writer conjured up for us of the robbers (brazen robbers, no less), who, “Once inside… confronted three patrons who were savoring their meals, brandishing knives and demanding their valuables.”
    Well, if I entered a steakhouse only to find that three of the patrons were not only savoring their meals, but also brandishing knives (their steak knives, I assume) and demanding their valuables (from whom were the patrons demanding back their valuables? The coat check? Unclear . Pls follow up), I’d high-tail it out of that steakhouse before you could say, Pass the ketchup! These were brazen robbers, indeed, to try to pull off a brazen robbery in a steakhouse filled with patrons brandishing knives. Which I can only assume were the steaknives, which would’ve easily outnumbered the 2 measly knives brazenly displayed by the brazen robbers. Ok, shrug. Hope Miami PD got em.