THIS. IS. OUTRAGEOUS. Yaffed Claims That 4653 Children Secretly Attend School In A Butcher Shop


Yaffed raises millions of dollars from those who share its anti-yeshiva animus. To keep its supporters happy, it makes more and more outrageous claims.

A recent filing with the State Education Department sets a new low. Yaffed demands that SED require the City to conduct an investigation of a large yeshiva at 82 Lee Avenue.

The problem is that the City visited 82 Lee Avenue years ago and quickly realized it is a butcher shop. You can see for yourself what goes on at 82 Lee Avenue:

Despite those clear facts, Yaffed recently claimed that 4653 children are enrolled in school there. In fact, Yaffed’s lawyer signed an oath that its claim is “true under penalties of perjury” Not only that, he stated that he knows that it is true that 4653 children attend school there.

How does he know? Well, he says, he read it on the internet. Really, that’s it.

With all its anti-yeshiva money, you would think Yaffed could visit 82 Lee Avenue for itself and see that there is no school there. We guess they don’t want to be seen in a frum neighborhood.

This would all be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

It’s time for us to say, enough is enough.


  1. I think you missed part of the story is that a yeshiva claim they were at that address and Cl and collecting $10 million in government programs at least per the New York Post story a few years ago

  2. The office for Satmar UTA is 82 Lee. Same address as the butcher. The office is on top of the butcher.
    The children actually learn in about 10 other buildings around Williamsburg. The Board of Ed knows of these buildings because I have met them in these in other locations for my job. What a farce yaffed…….

  3. Trulia has that address as associated with United Talmudical academy
    And the the 4653 number is consistent with the enrollment of UTA from other sites
    Not defending Yaffed. I just am not into sensational “reporting”

  4. If the lawyer made a “typo”, he gets forgiven. Otherwise it is perjury and he is subject to sanctions or disbarment (whether he gets disbarred tends to be political, but it would depend on the county where he has its office). It might be a Federal matter if other lawyers (with very politically incorrect causes) do get sanctioned for perjury in New York State, but an anti-Semitic false oath is deliberately overlooked.

  5. But since 6 year old public school student Jose Mendez that came from Nicaragua 3 months ago with his parents (who don’t speak a word of English) doesn’t know how to speak English why should 3rd & 4th generation American-Chasidish kids have to learn how to speak English?
    This proves that the laws of New York are Antisemitic (even though they apply to all private schools) & we know how this always ends. 1st they’ll demand little Yoely be able to differentiate between an “A” & a “B” & next they’ll demand he be able to solve “8-5=” (Hashem Yishmor!).

  6. It’s a wonderful Yeshiva. When I pick up my four sons, I also get my order of hock fleish, flanken and a yom tov brisket. Keep that band saw going!

  7. One second they never said there us a s hook there they said there us no school there it is a butcher shop yet thousands of kids are enrolled at that address.

    Unless you wrote the article wrong, or you pasted it from the ap