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HATE IN BEVERLY HILLS: Elderly Jewish Couple Assaulted On The Way To Shul

In a disturbing incident that took place this past Shabbos, an elderly couple in their 70s became victims of an unprovoked attack while they were on their way to shul.

Raphy and Rivka Nissel were walking to the Young Israel of North Beverly Hills (Beverly Hills Synagogue) when the assailant confronted them on Rexford Drive, near Santa Monica Boulevard. He yelled at Rivka, “Jew, give me your jewelry!” and then hit Raphy on the head several times with his belt buckle, cutting open a wound that needed 6 stitches.

Both victims shouted for assistance, alerting a nearby Beverly Hills police officer. The perp ran off, but police caught him several minutes later.

Despite his injuries, Raphy Nissel went to shul and served as the baal korei during leining, as he does each week.

Alan Tzivka Nissel, the son of the couple, reported the harrowing experience through a post on X.

According to Nissel’s post, his parents were suddenly and viciously attacked from behind by an assailant wielding a belt. The attacker reportedly singled out the couple for being Jewish. Nissel describes how his 75-year-old father and 70-year-old mother were struck on the head with a belt in what appears to be a clear act of antisemitism.

Despite the shock and pain of the assault, Ni’s father managed to recompose himself and, with the assistance of the Beverly Hills Police Department, successfully apprehended the perpetrator.

The suspect was identified as Jarris Silagi, a career criminal who’s been in and out of jail for years. He has been charged with a hate crime over the attack.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. The mayor of Los Angeles and the governor of California have both condemned this in posts on X and said that the attacker must be brought to justice. It’s good to see our elected officials reacting to this. BHPD is very effective – glad to see them doing it well as usual.

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