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Pro-Hamas Google Employees Arrested After Protesting Against Tech Giant’s Work With Israel

Google employees, who staged a sit-in at the California office of Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian for over eight hours to demand the company’s cessation of business ties with Israel, were arrested late on Tuesday.

The employees live-streamed their protest on Twitch under the tag “notech4apartheid.” The footage depicted them being given the option to leave voluntarily before being apprehended by law enforcement for refusal.

During the stream, a representative approached the protesters to inform them of their administrative leave status and requested their departure. “It’s getting late,” he mentioned. “I wanted to ask you to cooperate. You’ve been placed on admin leave, and we’d appreciate it if you voluntarily [leave]. It’s been a while. Can you do that for us?”

Upon his mention of involving law enforcement, the employees acknowledged understanding. Shortly thereafter, police entered the office and detained them, cutting off the live stream.

The protests were announced via internal emails to employees, outlining a series of demands. These demands included Google terminating its $1.2 billion contract with Israel for Project Nimbus, a cloud-computing initiative of the Israeli government. They also called for Google to halt all dealings with the Israeli government and military, address the alleged mistreatment of Palestinian and Muslim employees, and confront the perceived health and safety issues among workers concerned about their labor indirectly supporting what they termed a “genocide.”

Reports indicate instances of anti-Semitism within Google’s workforce. In February, The Daily Wire detailed internal incidents, such as anti-Semitic graffiti found within Google offices and a Jewish employee being assaulted by anti-Israel protesters on campus. Additionally, it reported on a group of employees attempting to disrupt an International Women’s Day event to criticize Israel.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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