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ABOUT TIME: NYPD Cracks Down On Illegal Mopeds and Motorcycles, Seizes Over 1,600 Vehicles

In a massive crackdown on illegal mopeds, motorcycles, ATVs, and dirt bikes, the NYPD seized over 1,600 vehicles from city streets in a 10-day operation last week. The crackdown aimed to combat the growing nuisance of unregistered and uninsured vehicles, which have been causing disruptions and posing a threat to public safety.

According to NYPD Chief of Patrol John Chell, the operation resulted in the removal of 1,670 vehicles, including mopeds, motorcycles, ATVs, and dirt bikes, which were either unregistered, unlicensed, or uninsured. Chell praised the hard work of officers across the city, stating that these vehicles will no longer be used to cause issues on city streets.

The operation, which took place across the five boroughs, targeted busy traffic areas. Members of the NYPD’s Community Response Team, known as the “khaki boys,” were out in full force on April 10, as temperatures reached 70 degrees, stopping and seizing illegal vehicles.

NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Operations Kaz Daughtry said the illegal vehicles are not only a nuisance but also pose a real threat to public safety. Moreover, the vehicles are often used in robberies and shootings.

The NYPD says it will continue to patrol the streets, looking for illegal dirt bikes and ATVs. Those caught riding the illegal vehicles will receive summonses, and the vehicles themselves will be crushed, as per tradition.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Yes this long overdue…and there are thousands more. The drivers of these vehicles disregard traffic rules, go at super speeds even on sidewalks, and put other drivers as well as pedestrians at grave risk. The vast majority of them are recent illegals AKA migrants who see that they get away coming into this country and figure they can get away with this too. They are also the ones who buy uncertified batteries resulting in numerous fires. The cops know but are warned not to publicize this. They are also the source of increasingly brazen attacks and holdups using mopeds

  2. I daven and hope that something similar will happen here in the UK, these mopeds, nearly 100% of the time being mexican/asian/african immigrants, act as if they are still in their home country, swerving dangerously, running red lights, brake checking, and the worst of all, according to British law, so as long they have learner plates on, it’s fine, they never need to lern to drive them!! Just having learner plates is enough!!

  3. The situation has been ridiculous. Thousands of illegal immigrants, freely riding around illegal scooters. Meanwhile, 30 seconds after my registration or car inspection expire I have a ticket in my windshield.

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