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TORAH CHIGRI SAK: Levaya For Sifrei Torah Burnt in Shul Fire to Take Place Thursday

A levaya will be held Thursday for the three sifrei torah that were tragically burnt in the fire that ravaged the “Chasidim at 110” Shul in Pomona Heights early Wednesday morning.

The levaya and divrei chizzuk are scheduled to take place at 4 PM outside the burnt shul, 34 North Ridge Road in Pomona.

Additionally, a new sefer torah will begin being written at the otherwise solemn ceremony.

Kevurah for the burnt sifrei torah is scheduled to take place next month.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Israeli Yid,
    There is a lot of misconceptions & ignorance concerning Shaimos.
    1. There is no rush to bury Shaimos like a human. Shuls collect Shaimos for months (or even years) & when enough has amassed it is taken to the burial ground.
    2. Shaimos is not meant to deteriorate like a human. Regular Shaimos are buried in plastic bags & Torahs usually in a few layers of thick plastic.
    With Pesach coming there is nothing wrong with burying when convenient.

  2. Various yeshivos, rabbonim and askanim create way to much paper which has shame hashem and other torah thoughts which require higher levels of care in disposal. They mindlessly drop off bundles of posters , newspapers and other documents w/o having any plan for sorting and disposal. Perhaps imposing a disposal charge for the right to leave much of this trash should be imposed too offset disposal costs.

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