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Cleveland Hatzalah’s First EMT Class Graduates, Preparing For Summer Launch

Cleveland Hatzalah’s first EMT class, comprised of 22 students, have celebrated their graduation, allowing them to officially join the organization as it finalizes preparations to launch its highly anticipated operations this summer.

As previously reported by YWN, the introduction of Hatzalah to the Cleveland community comes following years of deliberation and painstaking planning to ensure that the organization would provide real tangible benefits to residents and make a Kiddush Hashem even amongst those who do not use its services.

Hatzalah of Cleveland is led by a well-rounded Executive Board, Rabbinic Board, and Operational Board working in tandem to fine-tune all aspects of its future operations ahead of sending members into service, and has been endorsed by the community’s Rabbanim and Rabbi Yechiel Kalisch, the CEO of Chevra Hatzalah.

The graduates, who were taught by instructors from University Hospitals EMS Training Institute, join 11 others who had already been accepted to Cleveland Hatzolah’s ranks – more than doubling the organization’s emergency medical responder membership. Hatzalah’s roster now includes multiple EMTs, PA’s, doctors, nurses and a medic.

Cleveland Hatzalah, operating under the guidance of its Posek, Rav Boruch Hirschfeld, will service Cleveland Heights, University Heights and Beachwood when it launches, with the possibility of expanding its operations as it grows.

Among the final preparations being made ahead of its launch, Cleveland Hatzalah members are now undergoing live-world training exercises from the Cleveland Clinic, as well as taking Halacha classes to ensure they are equipped with the full halachic protocols of emergency medical treatment.

Upon its launch, Hatzalah will not be transporting patients to hospitals, but will instead provide medical aid in the crucial early minutes of a medical emergency. However, it does have plans to begin transporting patients directly to hospitals in the future.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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