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Airport Overwhelmed: Over 100 Migrants Sleeping On Floors At Boston’s Logan International

A growing migrant crisis has transformed Boston’s Logan International Airport into an impromptu shelter, with over 100 migrants sleeping on the floors due to a lack of space and resources at nearby facilities. Despite efforts to address the issue, the number of migrants seeking refuge at the airport has surged in recent weeks, with many facing harsh conditions.

According to police, the migrants are using the airport as a temporary shelter, with some arriving at all hours and staying for extended periods. A MassPort representative acknowledged the situation, citing a shortage of staff and resources at surrounding facilities, which has led to migrants being bussed to state welcome centers during the day and returned to the airport at night.

The migrants are enduring poor conditions, sleeping on hard and cold floors, facing constant light and noise from airport announcements, and waiting on a list for shelter space to become available. The situation has become increasingly dire since state shelters reached maximum capacity in November, with many forced to wait for a spot to open up.

While Massachusetts does not have sanctuary state laws, local cities like Boston have implemented some form of sanctuary policies. Governor Maura Healey has attempted to address the issue by converting a former prison into a shelter for homeless families, including migrants.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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