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Best 16 Sites to Buy Instagram Followers for Authentic Engagement

Are you unable to acquire large numbers of Instagram followers even though you create entertaining content? We know the struggle is real, and we’re here to help with a list of the best places to buy Instagram followers.

Here’s the quick explanation for the difficulty most IG users face when trying to become popular. The system’s algorithms are programmed to give massive exposure to videos and photos posted by the app’s biggest accounts. Everyone else is left without an audience large enough to build a substantial fan base.

There’s a workaround, though. Accounts quickly adding new followers are also given added visibility, and purchasing Instagram followers “activates growth mode” for anyone willing to spend a few bucks on real IG followers.

The follows have to come from real Insta users, however; the fake followers created with bots that many scammy websites sell won’t do the job and could get you banned from the platform.

Where can you buy legitimate real Instagram followers? Here are our top 16 choices.


For years, Twicsy has been a popular option for buying Instagram followers, and the company tops most rankings of the best IG providers because of their outstanding service and high-quality, real followers that trigger strong organic growth.

Standard, high-quality authentic followers are available in eight packages that start at 100 engagements, perfect for those just starting to grow their accounts. The largest option delivers a massive 20,000 real followers who can make a big difference to influencers trying to become more influential. Premium, active followers who power even stronger growth are available for an upcharge fee.

Delivery of all followers is instant, prices are always reasonable, ordering on Twicsy’s streamlined, secure website takes less than a minute, and a 24-hour customer support team can always help with website difficulties, answers to questions about the service, and custom-crafted orders.

Twicsy followers trigger organic audience and popularity growth that can’t be matched by any competitor. That’s why so many influencers and large businesses have used their services for so many years.


Buzzoid is almost as good a real follower source as Twicsy. The latter may have a larger customer base of Instagram power users, but Buzzoid has a large and devoted client base that’s been using the service to drive their account growth for years.

Ten packages of real IG followers are available, starting with small packs of 100 and topping off at 20,000, along with the option to upgrade to premium followers that carry added weight with the Instagram algorithms and trigger even better results. Delivery of all packages is fast, and Buzzoid never charges more than comparable competitors, and often a little less.

The customer experience is just about perfect, taking less than a minute from shopping to payment, and all data is protected with encrypted transactions and secure servers. Customer support is available around the clock.

While Twicsy may deliver the best results available, the growth that results from adding Buzzoid followers is this close to Twicsy’s. You can’t go wrong either way.


Colorful and bold, Rushmax’s website is eye-catching and easy to navigate. But there’s much more behind the visual appearance and user experience. Rushmax has built an impressive Instagram growth service over the last six years.

They can quickly deliver real follower packages starting at just $2.97 for 100 high-quality, legitimate follows, with escalating packs that reach 5,000 interactions for prices no higher than those charged by top competitors. Premium followers are also available for those who want to accelerate the growth process, always at fair prices. 

Ordering is fast, simple, and safe, customer support reps are on duty night and day, and Ruxhmax’s results come close to matching those of the two big-name providers in the business. Many influencers choose Rushmax as a supplemental source of Instagram followers, and it’s a great choice for those who need smaller packages to start their IG journey to popularity.


InstaPort has only been around for a few years, but they can offer almost all of the benefits of our three highly-rated services.

They offer six levels of real follower packages from 100 to 5,000 legitimate engagements, with premium followers available as an upgrade option. The quality of interactions is high, the delivery is rapid, and the prices are quite reasonable.

InstaPort’s simple-to-use website and easy checkout system are a definite plus, as is their emphasis on data and account safety and security. The customer support team is ready to help 24 hours a day, too. As for results, they’re outstanding; growth begins quickly and pushes accounts to greater visibility and importance.

InstaPort has already developed systems and services that have let them challenge Rushmax for the number three spot on our list of the best follower providers, and may soon be on Buzzoid’s heels.

More Options for Real Instagram Followers

Our first four recommended providers deliver outstanding services. These 12 fall short, but they’re still trustworthy options that always sell real followers.

InstaShop: Results are great one time, not-so-great the next.

DVY Labs: A very good provider that charges ridiculously high prices.

InstaMiracle: A middle-of-the-road service whose followers deliver decent growth.

Genius Gram: An expensive option: geo-targeted followers that don’t really make a difference.

Pulse Pixel: Cheap Instagram followers; you’ll do better paying a little more for quality.

Elite Insta: All they offer are subscriptions for so-so monthly follower packages.

Follower Flow: The services are excellent, but the followers are only medium-quality.

Craft Comments: Look at this option when you need comments; the followers are very average.

Lift Likes: A budget choice that only triggers very slow growth.

Impact Insta: The website looks like this provider is a winner, but the growth disappoints.

TheIGPros: They’d rank much higher on this list if they could deliver followers quickly.

IGWinners: A very average service that sells real followers; you can do much better.

Why Am I Not Gaining Followers Naturally?

If you’re regularly posting high-quality, interesting content, it’s probably not your fault that you’re not seeing your follower count growing rapidly. Instagram users upload so much content that the system can’t give all of it a large audience, so the system’s algorithms have been instructed to prioritize videos and photos posted by the app’s most popular users. If that doesn’t describe you, you have little chance of attracting large numbers of organic followers – in a nutshell, people can’t follow you if they never see your content. Buying real IG followers solves that problem, boosting your content’s exposure so you can quickly add the organic fans you need to increase your popularity and influence on the Gram.

Will I Get Into Trouble Buying Instagram Followers?

It will depend on where you buy them. Trustworthy IG services always supply real followers, who are real people with real accounts on the app; those follows don’t break any rules and will never endanger your account. If you purchase fake followers from scammy websites, however, you’ll find that they’re removed quickly and your account may be penalized or deleted for trying to cheat the system.

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