Tragic Petira of Marc Eber Z”L


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candle74.gifA 53-year-old Lakewood, New Jersey man was R”L killed while riding his motorcycle in Ulster County, NY YWN has learned.

Marc Eber Z”L, was a member of “Hillel’s Angels,” a fraternal Jewish motorcycle club from New Jersey, and was riding with members of the club from New Jersey to New Paltz, NY when the accident occurred.

According to MidHudsonNews, Eber’s bike suddenly crossed lanes and struck a guide rail on the opposite side of the road early Sunday afternoon. It was unknown if a cardiac or other medical event may have led to the accident, police said. He was transported to St. Francis Hospital in Poughkeepsie where he was R”L pronounced dead.

YWN has learned that Misaskim along with other Askonim were instrumental in preventing the autopsy which was scheduled to take place, and as of this posting, the Niftar has been released, and is being brought back to Lakewood, NJ.

Levaya info will be updated as it becomes available to us.

Boruch Dayan Emmes….

(Yehuda Drudgestein – YWN)



  1. Again we see the press presenting a bias to the public, by saying that Marc was “killed whle riding his motorcycle..” My grandfather died while sitting in his chair watching TV. Nobody said he was Killed by his chair or his TV! From the description of the accident, the feeling is that Marc had a massive heart attack or other medical issue. In the last few months I have ridden motorcycles with him for over 2,000 miles, and we just took an advanced motorcycle safety course together. He was a very experienced and safe motorcycle rider. This is a sad day.. we lost a very caring and loving person.

  2. Marc is the husband of Dr. Shari Roseff (a very beloved chiropractor here in Lakewood), a wonderful sensitive man and a devoted father. He is the son of Mr. Larry Eber of South Lake Drive, who is known for (among other things) his gevaldike chessed as the deliverer of the “Meals on Wheels” to many ill or senior homebound people in town.

    This is a compounded tragedy, because Mr. Larry Eber had already lost his dear wife after nursing her through a difficult illness, and only a few years ago lost his daughter also after illness. And now, suddenly and without warning, his son. It behooves ALL of us who know them to give love and chizuk to Marc’s family, and especially to Larry, to make an extra effort for this good man who has suffered so much…

    Baruch Dayan Emmes.

  3. Gevalt!!! I know Larry Eber and have observed how crushed he was by the losses of his wife and daughter. Now this. Oy, Hashem Yerachem. Poor, poor dear yiddele. My heart goes out to him and to the family.

  4. b’d’e’…. not even known the niftar , i sense a tragic loss took place . may the family be comforted amongst the mourners of zion and jerusalayim.

  5. The Levaya is scheduled for 11:30 this morning at the new chapel behind the Lakewood High School. Shiva will be held at the Niftar’s home at 12 Esti Circle (off Faraday, which is off Cross St.).