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Williamsburg Shomrim Search Through Night & Find Missing

wspu.jpgAt approximately 12:30AM last night the Williamsburg’s Shomrim Hotline received a call for a person that had been missing since 12:00AM. Apparently, the missing individual, a 29 year old man who was visiting from Toronto for a wedding, had made “a Lechayim or two”, went for a walk and got lost.

Williamsburg Shomrim members began canvassing the area and called the Crown Heights Shomrim Division along with Hatzolah Volunteers for more manpower and together they searched into the freezing-cold night.

The mobilization point for the search was at Williamsburg Street West, behind the Satmar Shul – where Shomrim together with Hatzolah volunteers were given search grids and assignments. All the hospitals were checked as well as subway stations and parks.

At around 5:30AM, a report was given that the missing was B”H found. One of the Shomrim members spotted the individual on Rodney and Harrison. Hatzolah was called to check out the patient who was reported to be in good health – and reunited with his family.

(Crown Heights Info / Eli Gefen – YWN)

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  1. Was it really “a Lechayim or two” or “a bottle or two”? There’s a real drinking problem in our circles. Why is it that a simcha these days is guaged by the alcohol served?

  2. (#1 “straight”) If you are asking, “what is the point of reporting this story”, you do not understand the point of YWN. Let me be short and clear. YWN is all about “HPO” that means some days they must talk about misaskim and some days shomrim. No need to say further…..

  3. its a peculiar story; unless that individual was sick and truly got lost. if it was a mature person , he or she could have called their friends in town for them to pick him up. i must say very peculiar….very interesting and strange.

  4. #3 Drinking problem in OUR circles? That’s supposed to be a secret!! It’s a terrible thing! The amount of bottles that men (bachurim and married men)consume is nothing but disgraceful!

  5. 1) He went for a walk @ 12 and someone called Shomrim @ 12:30???????????????

    2) I think some of the bloggers here r the ones with the drinking problems!!!

    Go Shteig!!!

  6. #11. I doesn’t take long to get hypothermia, especially if you are drunk, you don’t feel the cold. So this could have ended in tragedy.

    #8. He was not found until 5:30 a.m. So it’s likely they had to go check him out for exposure to the cold as well as alcohol poisioning.

  7. We all hear about the dangers of the WEB, Long Sheitlech, Lipa Schmeltzer of course, etc.

    Well, the “drinking” is an accident waiting to happen with tragic results R’L; this will be the real WAKE UP CALL!

    I’ve not heard any drusha, shabbos shuva or hagodol, about the BAR at chasuans and the resulting “looseness” of the ultra chassidishe yingeleit vis-a-vis………………….


  8. I also have a problem with the consumption of alcoholic beverages at a social function. Myself I obstain from imbibing, unfortunately drinking alcohol is considered the norm. Why report this, because all jews are responsible for each other. b”h the guy was not mugged, or driving a vehicle.

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