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Ramapo Approves Policy for Religious Days Off For Cops

Ramapo officials today approved a policy allowing police officers to take days off for religious reason without pay after they’ve exhausted their contractual days off.

The Police Commission’s decision came despite the officers’ union promising to file a lawsuit challenging it. The Police Benevolent Association’s position is that such changes must be negotiated under its collective bargaining contract with the town.

Police Chief Peter Brower offered the policy so every police officer could take religious days off.

Richard Carey, deputy director of the New York State Association of Police, said he was not aware of a similar policy across the state. He said the association didn’t have a position on the policy, but the important issue was that the police continued to protect the public.

The Journal News will have an extensive article about this on Friday.

(The Journal News / YWN-782)

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  1. the PBA is against it becuase they are trying to kick a frum polic eofficer off the force who does not work shabbos or holidays. One officer then tried to ask for holidays off just like the frum officer did thinking that everyone would get a NO. Now that they have accomodated everyones request the PBA is now going to fight the new policy showing what there original true intention were. ESAV SONEI LYAKOV

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