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NYC Mails Out Property Tax Rebate Checks

bloomberg1.jpgWhile city homeowners may not receive them in time for a Chanukah present, the long-awaited property tax rebate checks are coming soon.

The Finance Department is set to begin mailing out the checks today.

Most homeowners should receive their payments sometime around January 1, 2009.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg had proposed canceling the checks because of the city’s growing budget deficit.

The City Council voted last week on a budget deal with the mayor that raised property taxes seven percent but preserved the rebate checks.

(Source: NY1)

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  1. Take from one pocket and put it another, this will hurt our community more than others since many of our people own their own homes

  2. Invest the $400 wisely so you can use it to pay for your 7% hike in property tax. And remember the 7% hike when Mike is running for reelection & vote him out.

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