Overturned Vehicle in BP & Double Pedestrian Struck in Flatbush


staroflife2.gif8:00PM EST: Hatzolah from Boro Park & Flatbush are operating at the scene of two simultaneous incidents.

Boro Park Hatzolah is on the scene of an overturned vehicle on 17th Avenue and 63rd Street, and are requesting the NYPD ESU to extricate the victim(s) who are reportedly trapped in the vehicle. A YWN reporter on the scene reports that the victim who is pinned in the overturned vehicle is conscious at this time. [Unknown if there are additional victims]

At precisely the same time, Flatbush Hatzolah units were at the scene of two pedestrians who were struck be a vehicle on Ocean Parkway and Avenue O. Both patients were being transported to Lutheran Trauma Center in stable condition by Flatbush Hatzolah ambulances.

The vehicle reportedly fled the scene, and the NYPD has located the vehicle on Avenue P near East 7th Street. A search in the rear-yards for the driver who fled the scene is underway as of this time.

(YWN-88 / YWN-55 / YWN-170)