Inside Politics: Ask David Greenfield


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GF1.jpgThis Week: Why do so many politicians break the law? [AUDIO LINK BELOW]

Every Thursday – exclusively on Yeshiva World – you can ask David G. Greenfield, Esq. any political question you have! It’s simple, ask your political question in the comments section and listen each week for your answer. Our editors will select the top three questions each week for a response.

David is one of the top political strategists and analysts in New York State. David is also an experienced attorney and a renowned community askan who is the founding director of TEACH NYS. TEACH NYS is the only organization exclusively dedicated to solving the tuition crisis.

YWN AUDIO LINK: Click HERE for this weeks audio show.


  1. Thank you Yeshiva World for this segment – This is a fantastic format.

    I’m so happy that I can ask a political expert my questions.

    Here is my question: What do you think of our new Senator Kristen Gillinbrand ? Do you think she’ll get re-elected in 2010 ?

  2. Business as usual is killing me and should be killing all of you you too. The MTA has a headlock on the entire region.Why are we allowing the winds of “change” to increase the burdon on us?
    Tolling the east river bridges to fund an inept transit system?
    No you crooks, you toll a bridge or road to repair or renovate that specific project- but not in NY!
    This is the usual bait and switch Albany gangsters at work, only this time we are really gonna get slammed.
    Great idea Mr. Ravitch, raise the payroll tax on all employers whether or not their employees use mass transit -because business is so good dozens of small businesses and large ones are already closing by the day and have extra money.
    When the State Senators balked at doing what Ravitch said, they were branded as inept and maybe they are but there is most certanly enough blame to go around. While King Silver did his usual “its not my fault” job- Patterson and Smith look like Abbot and Costello though not nearly as funny. I know lets kill everybody and their businesses by raising sales tax to exhorbitant heights.This is not legilating this is firebombing. It no longer pays to live or work in this city and the tax rolls will see a major decline from the loss of local businesses.
    We are again staring at massive charges on all fronts with no advocate to protect us. The Ravitch plan is a great way to take from the hav’s and give to the have not’s ala Robin Hood and team Obama. I for one am rather pleased to have at least the option NOT to pay a toll at the Brooklyn or Manhattan bridge especially for my delivery trucks that go into the city daily via the Manhattan bridge. When time is urgent, I personally use the Brooklyn battery or the Triboro with the full understanding that its going to cost me. Thats the cost of doing business.
    Why must the onus be placed on employers who already pay the highest corporate and business taxes in the land? Is every option to save us money being reviewed before we put another nail in the proverbial businessman’s coffin?

    Drivers are being overtaxed on every part of owning and driving a car. Insurance, plates, inspection, gas,and tolls etc… Yes those are the costs and drivers understand them going in. However,
    how is it equitable to charge employers and car drivers to fill an MTA budget deficit not of their own making or to their betterment?
    If you use the trains and the buses- pay for it. If that mode becomes too costly find an alternative. This is not Oklahoma with open miles of land and highway. Car pool, walk, bike or pay for it like you do milk. whatever it costs- thats the cost.
    We have a tax and spend system that is corrupt and rotten. We borrow and steal from Peter to pay Paul and are left wondering how is it that we are always broke?
    NYS and frankly the United States is an organized Ponzi scheme- only legal and enabled by the power brokers of the day because that how business gets done in politics.Shameful!
    Change is all we heard about for the past 6-12 months. You betcha-change is in the air and it smells something awful.Buckle up its going to be a nasty ride unless your ready to fight for our money and kick these failed politicians out on their head. If not, we are setting up to suffer thru what may become the most costly time in this country’s history with us tax payers carrying the bulk of the burden. Consider yourselves warned,the predicted class warfare has begun.

    Hey Bloomberg, Patterson, Silver and Smith,
    Before you take any more money from us-
    1-Restore the commuter tax
    2- sell naming rights to the area bridges. if it works for stadiums why not for world famous bridges?
    3- Raise tolls on existing tolled bridges but keep untolled options open for drivers already struggling to survive.
    4- Raise transit fares as needed.
    5- take away the free rides to all MTA employees and anyone else.
    6- Open up the MTA books to an outside auditor (should be #1 )
    7- stop advertising on radio and TV. The MTA-is the only game in town, save your money- we know your going our way… blah blah
    8- Get rid of all non essential unionized workers (yes the same ones who went on strike and crippled this city and the same ones who sit behind the glass and refuse to look at you or answer your questions or cry for help)and replace them with less costly machines who dont require oveertime, healthcare and union dues.
    9- feel free to add in your own ideas for once.

    We are running out of time. Will a leader any leader,please PLEASE stand up???

    David G, where do you begin?

  3. Fantastic Show. So here’s my question for Mr. Greenfield – What do you think of Hillary Clinton’s tenure so far as Secretary of State. Will she be good for Israel?

  4. David,
    I see you are working on TEACH NYS.
    Can anything be done for NJ tuition as well?
    Many couples live in NJ and would appreciate the government funding as well.
    Thanks and good luck,
    Parent in NJ