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Williamsburg Bike Lane To Be Removed; Kent Ave Parking Spaces To Return

wb.jpgAssemblyman Vito Lopez met today with Williamsburg community leaders and Department of Transportation officials in order to arrange for the removal of the Bedford Avenue bike lane in South Williamsburg and the restoration of parking on Kent Avenue.

The heavy congestion along that stretch of Bedford Avenue, including pedestrians, school buses, public buses, private, commercial and City vehicles led many local residents to object to the addition of a bike lane. Due to the large number of schools, stores and religious institutions, the community decided to seek the lane’s removal. Discussions have been ongoing to try to divert bike traffic to less populated areas of Williamsburg.

The restoration of the parking on Kent Avenue has also been an important issue in the community because residents and businesses were not allowed to park, or even to stop to let their children out in front of schools or deliver packages to a business on the street. The agreement with the Department of Transportation ensures these community needs on Kent Avenue are met and our parking spaces will now be restored.

The installation of the bike lane on Bedford Avenue and the removal of the parking spaces on Kent Avenue have been major issues for the community which are now satisfactorily resolved.

(In photo: Assemblyman Vito Lopez, Rabbi David Niederman (United Jewish Organizations), Brooklyn Borough Commissioner for the Department of Transportation Joseph Palmieri, Rabbi Joseph Menczer, Ian Christner (UJO), David Wallach (DOT), and Rabbi Joseph Goldberger)

(YWN Desk – NYC)

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  1. Today was a meeting with UJCARE, Mayor Bloomberg’s office & the transportation commissioner, & the Mayor promised to REMOVE both Bike Lanes! From Bedford Ave & from Wythe Ave.

    “we are delighted to hear that the Department of Transportation has agreed with the residents and business people of Williamsburg, that the Bike lane on Bedford Ave. will be removed, parking on Kent Ave. which was totally removed because of the installment of a bike lane, will be redone and most parking spaces reinstated” Said Isaac Abraham, A Williamsburg community Leader & City Counsil candidate.

  2. Thanks to asken Rav Arye Leib Glanz of UJ CARE who worked very hard for our Wuilliamsburg residents the bike lane should be removed!!!

  3. Wonder why UJO takes credit for removing bike lanes?
    Well, if not the UJO there wouldn’t be any bike lanes to remove….
    UJO was well aware about the bike lanes before they were done, but for political reasons they made sure that the public shouldnt know about it. Now after a year of suffering, it was UJ CARE that worked for its removal and got today a promiss from the Mayor that they will indeed be removed.
    Vito Lopas then ran over to UJO to tell them that message, and a quick picture ceremony was arranged…

  4. burech hashem we have true erlicha leaders like rabbi moshe duvid niderman & rabbi mentzer & rabbi goldberger & thge ujo board members & all roshei kehilas who worked now & allways worked the diplomatic way to reslove issues like this one.
    allso kudos to the asseblyman & ohev yisroel the kings county demrocatic leader Hon vito lopez for being involved in this issue.I allso heard that vito lopez chief of staff steve(moshe)levin who is runing for city coucil for 33 distric wich allso includes williamsburg was allso very instrumental in this issue.
    pls keep up the good work .

  5. So Where Is The Picture From The Meeting At The Mayor’s Office? UJ CARE Is Known To Take Credit For Everything UJO Does For Our Community!

  6. Williamsburg residents know that the only reason why UJO supported the bike lane (untill this above PR photo…)is because “UJ CARE” was fighting and working non-stop to remove it.

  7. #7 The main is not the Photo, a photo is needed when there is not anything major more than it…, fact is much more than these photos!

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