Heartbreaking Story: Take a Look into the Life of Struggle and Tragedy of a Lonely Orphan Girl [PINNED]



We all know, the pain of losing a relative can be physically, emotionally and psychologically unbearable.

That’s exactly what happened to Esther W. from Jerusalem, who found herself  left all alone, full of grief and loss over the fresh grave of her father.

Already as a young child, Esther suffered from tragedy. Being a child of divorced parents made her taste a bitter experience at a young age. As an only child to her parents, it created an additional challenge for her to cope with.

Living all those years with her father by her grandparents in an unstable environment, was not to her benefit at all.

Her father was the only person in the world that brought her happiness and joy. A few years ago, her father suddenly passed away at the young age of 45. Pained by the loss of her beloved father, leaving her all alone to cope with the tragedy, Esther was at the edge of despair.

Dear Readers, Esther wants to get married. She wants to move on in life. Esther wants to experience joy and happiness. But without basic necessities, and minimal funds, Esther can not move on.

With no parents to take care of her, and with no immediate family to look after her, let’s all help her fulfill her dreams of building a Bayis Ne’eman Beyisroel.

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