Paris: JDL Vandal Attack Against Pro-Arab Bookstore


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jdl.jpgFour Jews who identify with the Jewish Defense League are in custody in France for allegedly vandalizing what is described as a “pro-Palestinian” bookstore owned by Olivia and Nicolas Zamour. A rally in support of the store and its owners took place in which hundreds took part to condemn the attack, calling on French authorities to ban the JDL, calling it a fascist organization.

The head of the CRIF French Jewish community organization, Meir Habib, was quoted by Ynet as condemning the attack as well. Habib was quoted as saying that “We live in a democratic country…in which anyone can express their opinion”, making a point of distancing himself from the JDL and the violent attack.

The Zamours are reportedly active in the Islamic and pro-PA community, calling on the French government, which is a major supplier of military weaponry to Israel, to understand the responsibility associated with the sale of arms t the Jewish State.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. Attacking book stores isn’t a very effective way of convincing people you are right, and invites retaliation. Indeed, it is generally perceived as validation that you have something important to say (otherwise, why attack it). Given that the European concept of “free speech” isn’t as inclusive as the American, it could easily lead to legal action against anyone affiliated with the group making the attack.

  2. These four Jews can call their group “Fred”, for all I care. They are not JDL. This is not anything the traditional, real JDL would have anything to do with. There is nothing “Jewish” or “Defense” in this.