Ezra Friedlander: Lander Victory Will Benefit Boro Park & Kensington Communities


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ywe2.jpgThe polls have closed and the votes are counted. Brad Lander has been declared as the winner of the Democratic Primary and most certainly will be the next Councilman representing the 39th district in the New York City Council.

For our community this is most welcome news. Over the past several months, I have developed a close and warm relationship with Brad. I was amazed at his gentle demeanor in the midst of a tumultuous campaign and witnessed his ability to see the good of everyone with whom he came into contact with. Brad has a keen understanding of the community, and its distinct needs which were so passionately articulated by concerned citizens during the course of the campaign. Brad is a dedicated public servant who has made a commitment to our community. I have no doubt that he will make us proud as our representative in the City Council.

Yes, there was those that supported another candidate and that is the fundamental right of each and every citizen to express their support for the candidate of their choice. Indeed, Brad did not receive the majority of the Orthodox Jewish vote – nor anything close to it-but knowing Brad as being the ultimate public servant – that statistic won’t be a factor in how he works on behalf of our community. That philosophy is the distinction between a politician and a public servant.

But now the voters have spoken and our democracy has demonstrated once again that we are privileged to live in this great and free nation where we live according to our traditions and can shape our own destiny.

Now is the time to come together and unite behind Brad so that we can work together to help those that are the most vulnerable of our society. Brad looks forward to working with everyone to bring the resources which we need so desperately to those that are most deserving.

I urge everyone to offer your advice and good wishes. Only thru goodwill can we hope to accomplish our common goal of addressing the most pressing issues facing our community.

As we usher in Rosh Hashanah, I take this opportunity to both congratulate Brad Lander and wish him and his family a Happy, Peaceful and Prosperous  New Year.

(By: Ezra Friedlander for YWN)


  1. Whether the probable new Council member Brad Lander will be good for his district’s Jewish constituency remains to be seen. But I’m sure that Ezra Friedlander will certainly avail himself with his close friendship and political relationship with Mr. Lander. Isn’t that what Poli Sci 101 is all about?

  2. i thought Ezra didnt endorse anybody!! …. ezra, stay out of politics .We all know you need him …dont make believe that you are looking oout for everybody.

  3. Ezra:

    I guess it’s safe to come out of your bunker now.

    Frankly, I am disgusted at the way the Rabbonim were abused by the candidates in this campaign.

    Let’s all agree that we leave the Rabbonim alone, and do our “Photo_ops” with the various Askonim.

    Using Rabbonim as props for “Photo_Ops” is not Kovod HaTorah. In fact, it is BeZoyon HaTorah–“KarDum LaChaPor Bo!”

    If all the candidates agree not to exploit the Rabbonim, there will be a level playing field.

  4. Just because he won doesnt make him necessarily the winner of the general election. Dont be scared into not-voting just because person X won. Vote for the other guy, even if he is trailing in the election, if you want to cast a vote. A vote for the other guy, or for “uncle moishy”, tells the winner that he doesnt have free reign and should be careful.

    YWN news should not be supporting one candidate over another, rather should report it normally! Allow others to give their support for the other guy!