LA Hatzolah Administers AED, & Saves Life On Yom Kippur


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lahatz.jpgLos Angeles, CA – A Hatzolah member was davening in shul on Yom Kippur when suddenly, a fellow shul member fainted. The Hatzolah member immediately began administering care and called for Hatzolah and Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) backup.

Additional Hatzolah members were on scene within seconds. (Editor’s note: Hatzolah of Los Angeles’ average response time is 90 seconds to 2 minutes.)

The patient regained consciousness and was breathing on his own but complained of chest pain. While Hatzolah conducted an assessment the patient suddenly went into cardiac arrest. Hatzolah members immediately began CPR and applied an AED.

Together with the LAFD paramedics, Hatzolah used the AED to administer a successful shock. Baruch HaShem, the patient regained his heartbeat and was breathing on his own. He was transported to a local ER and is now conscious on his road to a full recovery.

Quoting the LAFD Captain on scene “this guy wouldn’t be alive without you guys (Hatzolah).”

(Moshe Altusky – YWN)


  1. i was davening mussaf for the omud and i felt im going to faint i couldnt continue reading in middle of chazara i stopped and called hatzalo
    they came rite away and they took care of me in
    the most amazing way medicly and emotionly
    they stayed with me till i was fine
    Thank you hatzala los angeles

  2. I wasn’t quick enough responding to the call earlier (the above miraculous life saving even), but was gratified to assist Chacham later on YK.