A Rebbe a Rosh Yeshiva


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bov.jpgBobov makes history: The Bobover Rebbe Rav Mordechai Dovid Unger Shlita has assumed the role of Rosh Yeshiva, in Mesivta Eitz Chaim D’Bobov.

Today Monday parshas Noach, at the usual seudas rosh chodesh, the Rebbe Shlit”a announced that in the coming days he will also assume the position of Rosh Yeshiva and will deliver shiyurim for the two highest classes three times a week.

Before he accepted the mantle of Rebbe, the Rebbe Shlita served for thirty years as a Reish Mesivta in Mesivta Eitz Chaim D’Bobov, where his deep and clear shiyurim was made understandable to all. Also after he had already assumed the mantle as Rebbe he continued giving his renowned lomdisha shiyurim to thousands of his Chasidim on every Chol Hamoad, and also from time to time in his own Yeshiva and other Yeshivas.

In the past few years, Reb Moshe Bromberg Shlita had served as Rosh Yeshiva, but now that he opened a yeshiva of his own “Yeshivas Nesivas Hatalmud”, it was decided by the Hanholas HaYeshiva to ask the Rebbe to come and serve as Rosh Yeshiva.

As soon as the news became known among the hundreds of bocherim in the Yeshiva, they were overcome with emotion, and became very excited that they now will be zoicheh to bathe in the light of his Torah, which is world renowned among those who cherish the Torah.

Today, during the seudas rosh chodesh, the Rebbe Shlita gave a droshas hisorerus for the pesicha (opening) of the new zman. There the Rebbe Shlit”a announced that he accepts to serve as rosh yeshiva, and will come to the Yeshiva three times a week to give the shiyurim in the heichol haYeshiva for the higher classes.

At this opportunity, the Rebbe Shlita  also cautioned the bocherim that all sedorim of the Yeshiva will remain as it was without any changes, and that the bocherim should continue to show respect towards the hanholei haYeshiva; and that “There is a time for Torah and a time for Chasidus”.

(Chaim Schwebel – YWN)


  1. It’s not news at all!
    The Viznitzer Rebbe, Rabbi Moshe Yehoshuah Hager Shlitah, was the Rosh Yeshivah of the Viznitzer Yeshiva in Israel, and did not resign his post when he became Rebbe, and continued to give Shiurim and Pilpulim at the Yeshivah regularly

  2. 2 & 3,
    In Satmar & Vishnitz the rebbes bacame rebbe while they were roshey yeshiva. Here in Bobov the Rebbe who was NOT the Rosh HaYeshiva previously, accepted the position of Rosh Yeshiva

    THAT, I believe, is a first.

  3. To #6. Do you care about Bloomberg & Patterson more than Bobov? Even if you are not a Chossid you should realize this is more newsworthy & should interest people more than our lovely politicians.

  4. This news belongs on YWN – not the politics it often reports! Lately even reporting about the brawl with Rush and the charleton.
    This is Yeshiva World News!
    Thank you for reporting it and so beautifully too!

  5. Reply to Comment #5:
    well so was Bobover Rebbe 4st before he became Rebbe he was Rosh Yeshiva in mesivta, he didnt have on paper the tietle R”Y but was called by all the Bucherim the “Shvartza Rosh Yeshiva” since his black beard & the 48 Rosh Yeshiva was called the “Orinja Rosh Yeshiva” since his orange beard… thats the reason how he became rebbe after his shvers petirah R’ Naftali Halberstam M’Bobov Zatza”l reason was cuz he had all the Bucherim in his hands after being in the yeshiva over 20 years & being unofficaily the real rosh yeshiva, ecpecilay all the decissions was made by him while his shver was rebbe so its not such history as becoming rosh yeshiva after resigning & becoming rebbe & now taking back his old job…

    Re: In Satmar & Vishnitz the rebbes bacame rebbe while they were roshey yeshiva. Here in Bobov the Rebbe who was NOT the Rosh HaYeshiva previously, accepted the position of Rosh Yeshiva

  6. Satmer rabbe here (h’guan r’ aharon)
    Is a rush hayeshiva as well. Giving shirem a few times a week and learning with talmidem in private b’chavrisa..

  7. I dont get it.
    So many of you are quick to criticize all aspects of chasidus, yet when there is some unarguably good stuff you’re not man enough to give credit?

  8. Slonimer Rebbe shlita continued as Rosh yeshiva after becoming Rebbe. #5 is wrong. Rabbi Unger took a break for two years and RETURNED. this is not a new position for him only a more limited role. Novominsker rebbe shlita was the first rosh yeshiva of his yeshiva. actually, MANY rebbes also became roshei yeshiva when they opened their own yeshivos. another example is R’ Moshe of Stolin, who served as rosh yeshiva of his own yeshiva in stolin.
    by the way, based on the english, this article was not written by ywn people…

  9. #14 has it right. How about he becoming R”Y at his uncles yeshiva while his uncle remains the Rebbe & they can start a new concept where a R”Y is actually a respected individual by Chasidim if the Rebbe & R”Y work side by side together in harmony with mutual respect-THAT would be newsworthy!!!

  10. WADR to Bobov I dont get what the big news story is all about. The current Viznitzer Rebba of Bnei Brak served as Rosh Yeshiva and Rebbe for many years and only resigned his post as RY due to his deteriorating health. Why is this “big breaking news”?

  11. In Dushinsky, the ‘Rebbe’ is RY as main post – and secondarily to that, under the previous Rebbe (the Maharim), became ‘Rebbe’. The Maharitz was not a ‘Rebbe/Admor’ and never referred to as such. It only began with the Maharim and continued with the current Rebbe. But still on all letterheads and everything, he is simply called Reish Mesivta of Yeshivas Beis Yosef Tzvi. No ‘Admor’ anywhere.

  12. #2, This is major news and thanks to YWN for bringing us this uplifting news. Yes, there were/are other Rebbes acting as Rosh yeshiva’s, but way too few, and every one should be news. This puts back the real purpose of a Rebbe to not only be a confidant to whom a chosid asks for guidance, but also as the one who teaches him and his children Torah. It changes the entire definition of a Rebbe, from a Rebbe a CEO to a Rebbe a mashpia to a Rebbe the place to seek Torah and ruchniyess.

  13. 14, why the need to unite? It goes to the ultimate purpose of what the Baal Shem Tov accomplished with Chasidus. If a chosid doesn’t get what he needs, then what’s the purpose of being a chosid? Just so “malchus Bobov, Satmar, Belz” should shine? Is “malchus” the purpose of chasidus? A Tzaddik was created to serve the people; the people weren’t created to serve the Tzaddik. Tzaddikim shoslon bechol dor, not chasidim shoslom bechol dor. Let there be five Bobov’s, six Satmar and seven Spinka; who cares, as long as the rebbe serves his Chasidim.

  14. While I do agree that R’ Mordche Duvid is qualified to be a rosh yeshiva, I think the real reason he’s doing it is because of money. I think the real reason R’ Bromberg left is because he wasn’t getting paid. Everyone knows that since R’ BZ Dunners ptira, he is in a financial mess. He owes a lot of his employees money & he’s struggling terribly to keep his mosdos afloat. Hashem should help him with money. He will then be able to afford a rosh hayeshiva giving him time to help his chassidim.

  15. 1)i dont see the big news at all the viszniter reb moshe and satamar reb aaron where known to be big talmide chacamim i learnt 23 years ago by this rosh yesivah he can learn but reb aaron gives a thousand times better shiur
    2) just for the record the first bobover rebbe opened the first yeshiva in galica so he made history the others followed so lets get the facts correct
    3)rav shteinwartzel was rosh yeshiva in bobov and i was presnt when the bobover rebbe z”tl found out about his passing we was in london he could not sleep he said who can one sleep with out a rosh yeshiva then he made his eidem rabbi bourc a horowitz rosh yeshiva
    4)so #15 you got your info wrong except if you want to say that he made him self rosh yeashiva i dont mind but if so it was againts his grand father the bobover ruv z”tl

  16. #28, Against his grandfather the Bobover ruv zt”l? What are you talking about? He and his brother in law and half of Bobov consider him the Bobover rebbe and memale mukem of his father in law the Bobover ruv zt”l and the sole follower of ALL the teachings of Bobov, including the most fundamental one which is shulem. Shulem is first and foremost in his mind. I still remember that he was ready for shulem from the beginning; 48 Street are the ones who have forgotten all that his grandfather the Bobover ruv zt”l has taught and went against him. Whenever 48 Street will be ready for shulem (if ever) he’ll reciprocate better then they can imagine. That’s the way I have observed him.

    He is known as a big talmid chuchem and lamden, and you can listen to the lomdisha shiyirim he gave the last 5 years and see if they are the same as the blatt shiyir you heard 23 years ago.