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Agudath Israel Reaction to Maine Vote Against Toeiva Marriage

agudah1.jpgReacting to Tuesday’s vote in Maine repealing a state law redefining marriage, Agudath Israel’s executive vice president, Rabbi Chaim Dovid Zwiebel, issued the following statement:

“Maine voters’ repeal on Tuesday of a state law that redefined marriage is heartening indeed. It is noteworthy that voters in every state in the union that has put this issue before the electorate have opted to preserve traditional marriage.

“What this shows is that the concept of marriage is indeed well understood by the public. It means what it has always meant: the consecrated union of man and woman.

“Legislatures that try to change this classical definition are not only out of line but out of touch.”

(YWN Desk – NYC)

8 Responses

  1. Why is everybody taking credit for rabbi Levin’s hard work ?

    It’s true that he is far right. But that gives us the Koach to be at least right of center.

  2. #2, Don’t say that. There are many factors to consider when they endorse a candidate, and that candidate being pro-Toeivah, doesn’t automatically say that the Agudah care only about money. Let me give you one example. If a candidate is anyways expected to win, sometimes it’s better to go with the winner, which will give you some leverage with that candidate after the election, then burn your bridges where you will lose for sure.

  3. Dear Ben Melech:

    How about abstaining from endorsements–period.

    If you live in Sodom, which Sodomite are you supposed to endorse?

  4. #4, The lesser of two evils. Who then is going to give us a daas Torah? After all, we want to do the rotzen haboreh and we look to the Agudah to guide us in our Sedom. This argument will be no different if you look to Agudah for guidance, or you look to your rosh yeshiva or rebbe for guidance.

  5. As an Askan I personally know that the Agudah does not endorse politicians. + Agudah is a 501c3 Non-Profit Org. & cannot make endorsements.

  6. From their statement, it is evident that Agudah is concerned that the Goyim not engage in Toeivah, as it will negatively impact on us.

    Similarly with abortions. According to today’s Chicago Tribune, Illinois has become “an island of abortion in the U.S.” because a few left-wing judges, prodded by the ACLU, have prevented enforcement of long-standing laws:,0,6036321.story

    Agudath Israel of Illinois, this is your next challenge!

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