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Gun Shots Fired Into Miami Lubavitch Yeshiva

mfb.jpgAt approximately 9:00PM Monday an unidentified object was shot at the entrance to the Lubavitch Yeshiva Gedolah in Miami, shattering the glass door.

A student was standing at the entrance to the lobby, a few feet from the door of the building at 1140 Alton Road, at the time.

He relates that he heard what sounded like a gunshot, and then the glass door shattered.

He immediately ran inside and alerted the other students, who were learning in the main study hall.

911 was immediately called.

Noone was injured and the police are currently investigating the incident, saying they do not believe it was anti-semitic, but rather a random act.

Rabbi Bentzion Korf, executive director of the Yeshiva, told COLlive that he believes this should be categorized as a hate crime; that it may have been anti-semitic in nature.

“If G-d forbid the shooting would have occured earlier, it could have caused many injuries,” said one shaken student to COLlive. “The building also houses the Mesivta and part of the Elementary school, and a Shul.”

At this time, the police said they have no suspects.

(Source & Photo: ColLive)

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  1. So I guess we’re just a paranoid people always thinking these acts are anti-semetic. How foolish can we be? I guess when they paint swastikas on Shuls, that’s also not an anti-semetic act. Just children having fun. Puhleeze.

  2. And I’m sure that whomever did this, it had nothing to do with anti-semitism… It was just some nut who snapped as a result of pre-post traumatic stress disorder.

  3. right now its 8:40 pm and this was posted about 2 hours ago, and YWN writes At approximately 9;00 PM MONDAY, well its not even 9PM YET

  4. Y.W. Editor, I think #5’s point was that you should have posted this article yesterday, or at the latest this morning this morning!!

  5. During the Gaza incursion by the IDF, Florida was the site of some of the biggest Arab protests against the IDF action in Gaza with literally dozens and dozens of Arabs yelling in the streets,”Israel is a loser! Nuke Israel! (chas v’shalom), Jihad, Jihad al Yahud (cholila)!” Can’t they just ask one of the Arabs if they know anything about this?

    Oh, I forgot, wouldn’t want to have an Islamic backlash or appear racist. No, no, no, that is much worse…..

  6. Right Flatbush Bubby – don’t go around profiling. It’s not politically correct – don’t you know that? Isn’t this a crazy world we live in? All this “political correctness” is going to Chas V’Shalom do us in – especially since it’s one sided.
    Anyway, Flatbush Bubby, I always enjoy your comments and usually share your opinion. Keep writing.

  7. Okay, so I live right near the yeshiva, and the reason this may have not been a crime aimed at Jews and rather just a random act, is because yeshiva world did not mention that shots were also fired at a nearby gas station and chinese eatery. Does not make me feel any safer round here though….

  8. Flatbush Bubby

    WAKE UP!
    it’s not only the arabs that want to kill us ever heard of the phrase eisav soneh yakov? there was an attack on a man coming home from shul a few months ago scroll down to the bottom of the page
    and it wasn’t done by arabs
    iLike2Talk it could be it was a pro white act (i.e. KKK) he went after a gas station (probably black or arab or hispanic) he went after a chinese food place (chinese) and he went after a yeshiva (jewish)

  9. Once again – I URGE every shul and Yeshiva to have an ARMED guard 24/7. YES, I realize this costs money, but if chas v’chalila, someone gets killed, then, “after the horse is stolen”, (i.e. after the deed is done) somehow THEN, we WILL find the money for the necessary protection. WHY do we have to wait for a tragedy? Let’s learn from history and act pre-emptively.

  10. #14- What do you mean “wait for a tragedy”? We’ve already had too many tragedies.(Mubai- to name just one, but as you know, there have been numerous others -yes, here in the states too). It’s time to spend the money and protect ourselves 24/7. Not just shuls, but also schools.

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