PHOTOS: Wedding Of YWN Reporter Eli Gefen


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gs.jpgPHOTO LINK BELOW: On behalf of the entire YWN Staff, we would like to wish a Mazel Tov to Eli Gefen, one of our veteran reporters, upon his marriage last night to Paloma Hahn. The wedding was held in Ateres Chinka Hall, and was graced with a surprise appearance by Yaakov Shwekey & the Yochi Briskman Orchestra.

For the past three years, Eli has been covering breaking news from the NYC and Long Island area.

We wish him and his kallah all the best, and may they be Zoche to build a Bayis Ne’eman B’yisroel.

YWN PHOTO LINK: Click HERE to see photos of the wedding

–YWN Editor & staff.


  1. Mazel Tov Eli and Paloma. I hope you enjoyed your warm surprise from Miami. Sorry I couldn’t make it.
    Ps. I love you found time right before your wedding to post the article about the robbery in Williamsburg. LoL. Nice. Something’s fishy here…