Paterson Defends Son On Morning Radio Show


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pat1.jpgNYS Governor David Paterson this morning brushed off his son’s run-in with the NYPD, chalking the situation up to little more than teenage indiscretions and calling the fact the he was found with someone else’s bank card a “non-issue”.

“He was questioned and released about a matter,” Paterson explained to radio host Don Imus this morning. “He’s a minor and there were a bunch of kids that were playing a dice game.”

“The principal said that the kids play this game all the time. No money was involved. It wasn’t gambling and it was just one of those situations. He was a little annoyed. He feels he didn’t do anything wrong.”

“Apparently he was with a friend and the friend found this debit card and they thought it was thrown away because it was by a garbage can in the subway,” the governor continued. “Teenagers will do that – they’ll carry things.

“It (would have) been better to try and find the person and return it…but no one had put any charges on the card, so it was a non-issue.”

Asked by Imus whether he is still happy with his selection of Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand to replace former Sen. Hillary Clinton, Paterson replied: “Yeah. I am,” adding: “I think she’s uniquely qualified.”

As for Harold Ford Jr., Paterson said he should primary Gillibrand if he thinks he’s “worthy” – an about-face from the governor’s suggestion earlier this week that the former Tennessee congressman would perhaps make a better candidate somewhere other than New York.



  1. yoi. we shouldn’t judge until we know all the facts. this could be mamesh loshon hora. and it couldn’t be true, because he is such a talmid chochom, and supported talmidei chachomim with that bank card. enough of this anti governor’s children rechilus on this website. haven’t we heard enough?

  2. to flatbush bubby ma’aseh…
    1)of course not. i only read the tzenah re’enah. surely you know, kol hamelamed es beeto….
    2)(i woulda responded… sure, i know of that issur…as there is no issur of stealing from a goi…but that woulda started a thread on tyw that wasn’t warranted by this article.)

  3. So what is your point? Who cares? What are you, the moderator of this website?

    Sometimes I wonder about people criticizing people’s posts. I thought only the moderator is the one to censor if he thinks he must.

  4. Hey bub, wonder away,
    We’re here to read, and to comment on what others say.
    It’s part of our schmoozing, a way to connect,
    The luxury of unbanned intergelecht.
    Truth is, I can’t tell, whether or not you joke,
    Note: YOU were the first at MY comment to poke.
    Read it again, and you may actually see,
    It was sharp and amusing, (I opine humbly,)
    In any case, this will be the last posting of mine.
    You’re inviting a battle, I’d rather decline.