Petira Of HaRav Mordechai Druk ZATZAL


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This morning, in Yerushalayim, HaRav Mordechai Druk ZATZAL, known as the ‘Maggid Mesharim’ was niftar at the age of 66.

Since the Six Day War in 1967, Rav Druk gave a shiur at the Kosel, first toveling in the mikve shortly after 4:00am. From there he went to Shaare Chessed, then Zichron Moshe, spending his entire day delivering Shiurim in Yeshivos, Batei Midrashim, and Kolelim.

Thousands of American Yeshiva Bochrim were Zoche to hear his famous Shalosh Seudos Drashos.

His entire being was just to deliver words of Torah….

In his Tzavah (Will) HaRav Druk wrote that the title “HaRav Hagon” should not be used, and that there should be no Hespeidim at his Levaya.

The Levaya was held today (Monday) at his home on Rechov Shmuel HaNavi, and was brought to Har HaMenuchos for Kevura in the “Chelkas Harabonim”.

Boruch Dayan Emmes….


  1. Boruch Dayan Haemmes. He was a true Gadol and his Drashos were Mashpia on many. His Tzavah was so typical of his amazing anivus. He should be a meilitz yosher for all of us.

  2. A tzaddik, A huge talmud chochom, A masmid noira, he learned many hours straight every day without any hefsek till the end of his life!

  3. Boruch Dayan Ho’Emmes.
    Rotson Yerei’ov Ya’aseh. He wanted no hespeidim and he was niftar on Rosh Choidesh when it is forbidden to deliver hespeidim!

  4. Undoubtedly the high point of several visits to Eretz Yisroel;I had the zchiya to attend his morning Gemara shiur in the old police station…unimaginable bekius coupled with a biting wit…what a loss

    There is no mention of cause of ptira..had he been ill?

  5. we lived in the same binyan , shmuel hanavi 62 a , for four years. i was a talmid muvhak . he called me the ‘shachain’. he changed my life forever. i have been saying over his derashos for years. his ability to put a vort into someones mind and heart was truly amazing. he was a master at nach, his way of singing the trop during his derashos will always ring in my ears. he was a magnet for bochurim and yungelite. a baal kishron atzum who left over tremendous talmidai chachami for children. i tried to bring him to america several times but he wouldnt budge. he never took money for his derashos.he spoke three times on shabbas. friday night in the miklat on shmuel hanavi, shabbas day in zichron moshe shul, and the famous shalosh seudos derasha in the kelilas yofi shul behind the meah shearim shuk. he had a tremendous sense of humor also, he was so candid in his views on our lowly dor. there are b h many gedolim and rabbanim today but i must say with trepidation but a strong conviction he had a talent which was a yekar hamezius! he spoke by our first sons bris about the vikuach between the chitah and the kash. olem hazeh is azoi grois like the stalk but just wait till till the baal habayis comes and see what he takes and what he leaves. with tears in my eyes and a broken heart reb mordechai your whole life was that of the chitah. you changed me and so many others go to the kisay hakavod and be that peh mapik margolias and tell the ribono shel olam enough already of this bitter golus. were ready for moshiach ! you can be the advocate along with all those gedolim and darshanim you brought to life. i promise to keep you sifsofsov dovvivos bekever with all the beautiful derashos you gave me.i beseech the talmidim to print his derashos ,we need it, i need it. {one came out on sefer beraishi already} ill never forget you talmidcha ahuvcha bilev venefesh , mordechai

  6. Boruch Dayan Emes. I was one who was zoicha to hear R’ Mordechai’s drashas for 2 years straight every Shabbos. I am back from the Mir almost 17 years and interesting to note that this past Thursday night I told someone over a shtikel in his name, as to why the beginning of P’Mishpatim begins with Eved Ivri.
    It is so true the comment earlier that he had a way of making people remember his drashos. That without even writing it down, I remember it today as if I just heard it. May he be a meilitz yoisher for all of Klal Yisroel.

  7. The pain is too fresh to write how this feels and what a loss this is for Klal Yisroel. Someone should put together cd’s of any shiurim that were taped. It is hard to imagine that in our dor we had a malach like this that was so accessible. Anyone who wanted was able to come to hear his shiurim.The klarkeit and charifus in learning was unbelieveable. To sit in his shiur was to enjoy the tam of Gan Eden. His pashtus and kook that this velt is all bluff was his constant observation. He ran away from anything that smelled like sheker. He guarded his privacy and was a tremendous tzinua yet was a public person giving three shiurim a day. I was zoicheh to have a close kesher with the Rebbe and
    and saw him for the last time a few weeks ago.
    To # 9 please post the stickel on P’Mispatim that you referred to.
    May Hashem wipe away our tears and bring the geula shleima.

  8. Anyone that has a cd with typed up notes of R’ Druk zt”l MUST ask permission from the mechaber (schreiber) before passing them on to ANYONE!!

  9. I used to listen to his shalosh seudos derasha at the P.A.I. Shul in meah shearim.Besides the clever vertlach, he was absolutely entertaining!
    I actually said over a derasha from him recently that I heard about 18 yrs ago.
    Is there any published sforim or tapes from him?
    I have goosebumps thing about him.
    Chaval al d’avdin….

  10. I used to listen to his shalosh seudos derasha at the P.A.I. Shul in meah shearim.Besides the clever vertlach, he was absolutely entertaining!
    I actually said over a derasha from him recently that I heard about 18 yrs ago.
    Is there any published sforim or tapes from him?
    I have goosebumps thinking about him.
    Chaval al d’avdin….

  11. I have been trying for the longest time to get a hold of any type of notes from his Drashos. Not to publish or do anything of that sort, just for my own personal use. It would be a great chesed if anyone with information could contact me at [email protected]. Thank you and tizku l’mitzvos.

  12. #18 the sefer is derash mordechai , his son yisroel meyer has a yeshiva which reb mordechai would give shmuessen . they printed on beraishis but reb mordechai didnt let them sell it in eretz yisroel, only chutz la’aretz. it was done pretty well. i will contact those whose asked me to soon . the vort on eved ivri is a classic ! the punch line rings in my ears “der dugmah is der gresta mechanech !’ this week in our yeshiva i will iy’h say over his most famous derasha on gelt. the yesod is ‘mamonam’ dayka , is chaviv yoser megufam ! kashera gelt! do all yoo talmidim hear his voice and see his body language in that great derasha ?! all of you loyalists become what he wanted so much from us , emesdika mentchin . i walked with him hundreds of times and this theme came out constantly , no foilashtick ! he told me more than once that his amazing son, shlomo zalman, er ken the gantza torah , wow what memories cry with me my friends , we lost a prince. last night it bothered me every rosh chodesh adar now will be filled with pain, not a marbim besimcha ?1 but then i was consoled with a chiddushdika vort, im sure reb mordechai would disagree but i know its true, every rosh chodesh adar ill remember look ribono shel olam what a mentch can become , what he can accomplish , how he can influence others! isnt that a reason to dance and be besimcha?! he would constantly expound on the theme how the guf has an eternal war with the moach, you reb mordechai showed us how the moach can win . chavairim lets mourn together but grow from iy because as i heard him so many times say , there is a tachana sofit for all of us . hachosem bedeema , yehi zichro baruch

  13. His sholom bayis was amazing, I’ve been by him many times and he always spoke to her as a queen. He told me that he was zoicha to a special wife who always supported his learning.