4:10PM EST: South Fallsburg, NY – With a heavy heart, YWN regrets to inform our readership of the tragic Petira of a 4-year-old child in South Fallsburg, NY – next to Yeshiva Zichron Moshe. The child was reportedly struck by a vehicle, and was pronounced dead a short time later at the local hospital. Fallsburg Police is on the scene conducting an investigation, and Misaskim units have responded from Kiryas Yoel, and are currently on the scene.

UPDATE 5:18PM EST: The Levaya of Avrohom Gershon Tress Z”L will take place Wednesday evening at 8:00PM in the Monsey Cemetery.

Avrohon Gershon Z”L is the son of R’ Eli & Faige (Steinmetz) Tress origonally from Monsey (son of Reb Avrohom Gershon Tress zt”l). They now reside in South Fallsburg, NY.

Boruch Dayan Emmes…

3:05PM EST: Catskills Hatzolah units are on the scene of a child struck by a vehicle at the Yeshiva of South Fallsburg (Estate Drive). Arriving units report that the child is R”L in traumatic arrest, and CPR is in progress.

UPDATE 3:20PM EST: The 4-year-old child is being transported by ambulance to Catskill Regional Medical Center (Harris Hospital) in traumatic arrest.



  1. BD”E my heart is breaking for the parents. Let this precious little Karban be the last straw and bring Moshiach already. We can’t take much more of Hashem please bring us out of this Golus!

  2. Update, 3:59 p.m. EST: We have just learned that the 4-year-old was niftar after being trannsported to Harris Hospital. Boruch Dayan emes. Information will be posted shortly.

  3. By the way, the accident happened after someone dropped off a kid from doing carpool and the person driving the van thought that the little boy went around the car but he went in front and he ran him over. Please parents, teachers etc. be outside waiting for your child or get out of the car and make sure the kid gets inside safe. Obviously it was a terrible accident and this should never happen again.

  4. Never mind purim – this tzadeikes mother is expecting any day. What kind of a simcha will that be? This is a wonderful family who doesn’t deserve such sorrow. May they know no more.

  5. Lassie must be an unusual “tzadeikes’ herself if she be so positive that someone is or “is not” deserving of ‘such sorrow’.

    The Aibishter’s ‘Omek Hadin’ is what counts; not a ‘fly by night’ neviah.

  6. Yoin from BP: Please enter a request to delete your note from the comments following “UPDATED: TRAGEDY IN SOUTH FALLSBURG: Child R”L Struck & Killed By Vehicle.:

    Lassie did not intend to profess nevuah in her outcry that “This is a wonderful family who doesn’t deserve such sorrow.” Nor did she in any manner, shape or form imply that others do deserve
    any “toichocha” from Hakodosh Baruch Hu. It was an innocent, sincere,loving and legitimate expression of grief and horror regarding a fine family whom he/she apparently knows.

    While I am sympathetic to your thesis and position about our ignorance in the affairs of Heavenly justice, I am confident that you are flexible and will consider the possibility that your reaction was cereberal and literal in a time when Bnai Yiroel are emotionally charged and in the throes of a family’s tragedy. Please reconsider and weigh the possibility that …”‘fly by night’ neviah” is harsh language in these circumstances.

    For the record; I do not know the Tress family or Lassie.