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Police: No Explosives In NH Bus Bomb-Scare

Police say two people have been arrested in a bomb scare in Portsmouth, New Hampshire on board a Greyhound bus that left Bangor yesterday.

Police say John Smolens of Lewiston was charged with resisting arrest for his behavior after he got off the bus.

Another passenger, Calvin Segar, of New York City, was charged with obstructing officers.

It all began around 11:15 Thursday morning, with a 9-1-1 call about a man on the bus with a bomb.

By that time, the Greyhound was in New Hampshire.

Police evacuated buildings and streets and called the 17 passengers and driver out.

But one man refused to leave the bus.

After nine hours of negotiations, the passenger finally surrendered last night.

A person close to the investigation says that passenger is foreign to the U.S. and didn’t get off the bus because he was frightened.

The scare may have been sparked by another passenger who called 911 believing a non-English-speaking rider had mentioned a bomb.

No explosives were found.

Both people charged in the case are expected to be in court in Portsmouth later today.

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