Flatbush: Miracle at the bus stop


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At approximately 7:45 this morning, there was a car accident on Nostrand Avenue and Kings Highway in Flatbush. A truck which was involved in the accident and lost control, drove straight onto the sidewalk of a very popular bus stop. Bichasdei Hashem there were no people waiting at the bus even at the busiest time of the morning! The driver of the car was transported to a local hospital by Flatbush Hatzolah with minor injuries, while the truck driver was uninjured.


  1. I pass by there every morning, and your right! It’s usually packed there with frum peopel going to work, going to yeshiva or crossing for shachris! I passed by this morning on the way to work and saw it and said “WOW is Ha-shem great!”

  2. Baruch Hashem that THIS time noone was injured, or worse. The question that this scenario raises is: Why all the accidents that have occured, and the loss of life, has not the Flatbush/New York City Municipality taken action? How many know of a loved-one or aquaintance, that has had to run for their lives to cross Kings Highway at the Nostrand Junction. Proactive not reactive is the proper approach. This matter to me is pecuach nephesh!

  3. I was passing by this morning right after the accident occured and it truly was a scary scene. It is true that on every other morning this bus stop is filled with people running to and fro waiting to catch the Nostrand Bus so it is a true miracle that no one was there this morning! chasdei Hashem!