Rav Amrom Taub Shlita Involved in Serious Car Accident


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tehillim.jpgRav Amrom Taub Shlita from Baltimore (known as the Breeder Rov), was being driven to the hospital by his son & Rebbitzen – after not feeling well, when his car was hit by a drunk driver. Rav Taub Shlita Rov is in critical, but stable condition. Please be Mispallel for Amrom ben Yocheved Yittel together with all other Cholim in Klall Yisroel. Yeshivaworld is being informed that his Rebbitzen and son were B”H discharged from the hospital. (Click on image to ENLARGE)


  1. lkayem bunu chachmei yisroel please be misspalel for breeder ruv for a refueh shleima bmehairah hagoan reb amrom ben yocheved yittel

  2. The Rebbeh zol ehr gezunt zein is one on the tzadikei hador mamesh. A yid who went thru 7 meduros gehinom, not just in the milcuma where he lost his wife and family, but with tzuros later as well, and still he is the happiest man in the world! He also sits and learns for the past 60 years v’lo machzik tivuso l’aatzmo.
    Der olimam zol reesin de himmelin far a refua shelaima!

  3. UPDATE: Wednesday morning: Rabbi Taub in currently in serious and critical condition. His situation took a turn for the worse on Tuesday. Please daven for his refua shelaima!