6:01PM EST: Manhattan: Explosion at Chrysler Building


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yw logo8.jpg(Click on story to see recent updates on this breaking story.) 6:01PM EST: FDNY is reporting some sort of explosion at East 48th Street and 3rd Avenue in Manhattan. They have numerous victims and are requesting a 2nd Alarm response at this time. NYPD has called a level 1 response as well. All trains halted in area.

6:08PM EST: FDNY has just ordered a 4th alarm response. This is at the Chrysler Building. Some sort of underground explosion. Debris is falling from all sides. Units using extreme caution in area. All civilians are being urged to stay away from Midtown Manhattan.

6:12PM EST: FDNY has just called a 10-60 (major emergency).

6:15PM EST: FDNY has not yet given a incident report, but initial reports are that a major underground steam explosion has occurred.

6:18PM EST: Grand Central Station has been evacuated.

6:20PM EST: This appears to have taken place in the street, and not inside any building.

6:21PM EST: Con Ed is on the scene attempting to shut down a large steam line.

6:22PM EST: EMS is transporting victims with burns at this time…..

6:23PM EST: EMS is setting up a staging area at the Brooklyn side of the Brooklyn Bridge.

6:30PM EST: EMS has so far transported a total of nine victims in unknown condition.

6:33PM EST: Channel 7 is showing live footage of a huge hole in the street at 41st Street between 3rd Avenue & Lexington Avenue, with steam shooting out under TREMENDOUS PRESSURE.

6:34PM EST: The steam pipes are wrapped in asbestos, and FDNY is concerned of a wide-spread asbestos contamination.

6:39PM EST: Channel 7 is showing footage of a school bus completely covered in debris.

6:40PM EST: FDNY has transmitted a 5th alarm.

6:41PM EST: The debris is still shooting into the air – as high as 27 stories.

6:51PM EST: A transit official has confirmed to Yeshivaworld that the #6 & #4 lines have been shut from 86th Street to the Brooklyn Bridge.

6:54PM EST: Con Ed is advising that they are unable to shut the steam leak down at once – but rather real slow. If it is done quickly, the steam pressure will build up behind the leak area – and explode in another area.

7:23PM EST: FDNY is now reporting that they are declaring the incident “probably will hold”. Con Ed has also shut “the feed going to the ruptured pipe”, but steam continues to pour out of the crater in the street.

7:27PM EST: A large “decon” operation is underway due to the large asbestos concern.

7:41PM EST: FDNY is advising that they have 18 injured people, three of them are “red tagged” / seriously injured. They also have three firefighters injured. (Unknown if they are included in the 18 victims.)

7:43PM EST: The FDNY command post is being moved a block away due to concerns of possible additional explosions. All rescue personnel are being warned to move away (and their vehicles) from manholes.

7:48PM EST: FDNY has just transmitted a 6th Alarm.

8:15PM EST: One person has been pronounced dead at the hospital.

8:20PM EST: Mayor Bloomberg has started his press conference. Here are some details: The 24 inch pipe was installed in 1924. The “likely” cause is due to cold water entering the steam line.

9:09PM EST: FDNY Chief is now advising that the situation is under control.


  1. Obviously there is someone on scene who is sending the information to YW.

    Editors Response: We have no one on the scene. There are no civilians within a five block radius.

  2. I was on the scene!
    The chaos was not to be believed. At around 550 I left my office at 40th and park heading to Grand Central Suddenly I heard a rumbling like you cant imagine. I finally understand “not shayich”! Immediately people started running and I heard more than 1 woman screaming. Obviously i thought 9/11 right away. I started running away – towards 34th Street.

    Then I saw the smoke (turned out to be steam). People were by then in full panic mode. At least 10 people said “A huge building is collapsing”. Again the sound of the rumbling was not shayich. At that point I could care less what the cause was – I RAN. I must have started running and stopping 10 times but now with smoke, the not shayich sound and the wild speculation of the masses, I really took off. People were everywhere, I saw a van with a panicked driver shoot through an intersection horns blaring and not caring if he hit anyone. I saw 2 abandoned cars and again, complete chaos. Fire trucks were trying to get through but no one was moving.

    I met another yid on 34th with whom I tried to flag a cab and was finally picked up by another yid a tzadik and we made our escape from new york. The radio was still not reporting anything and we thought for sure it was terrorism so we just wanted to get back to Brooklyn before they shut everything.

    On the FDR we saw countless responders and by then the radio picked up on it and was reporting the first bits about a transformer explosion.

    As we left the Batter Tunnel I saw countless Hatzolloh vehicles speeding towards the city.

    I hope everyone is well.

    Thanks YW for the updates, I have no TV so the news your givin is geshmak.

    Scary times I tell ya.

  3. oh btw YW there were tons of people pushing TOWARDS the scene with cellphone camearas ready at hand.
    Mishigu’im mamish