Bruno Will Approve Manhattan Congestion Plan


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traffic cover.jpgJust when it seemed as if the lights were turned out on Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s controversial congestion pricing plan (as reported HERE on YW), which initially called for an $8 fee for motorists entering the busiest areas of Manhattan during rush hour, CBS 2 HD has learned that lawmakers have given the green light to a plan that will allow the city to qualify for $500 million of federal grants.

State Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno confirmed the approval Thursday afternoon, announcing the deal was reached between legislative leaders and Bloomberg.

(Click HERE to watch the WCBSTV coverage)

(Photo from JW)


  1. Bruno was always for the plan, It was the Democratic Assembly that was against it. Whoever wrote this story left ha’ikar chaser min ha’sefer – to wit. what did Silver and the Dems say about it?

    Anyway it is a horrible idea that will levy a regressive tax on the mid and lower income people, and raise the prices of everything sold in Manhattan. It will cause all kinds of traffic and parking problems in the outer boroughs.

    It will overwhelm the bus and subway system which cannot possibly handle the expected extra volume of riders.

    I hope they come to their senses before they go ahead with it.

    By the way, anyone know how they came to these numbers: $8 per car and $21 per truck? Why not $7.85 per car and $22.03 per truck? Or $5 per car and $10 per truck?

  2. IMHO it is all a ply for more $$$. They know that lots of people still need to come in to the city. Look at gas and cigarettes. They blame the high gas prices on the war etc. Have you ever looked at what percentage of it is tax ? They say that they raised the price of cigarettes to help people quit. Uh huh !!! Packs went for $2.00 a few years ago. Now they are at about $7.00. So they are making at least $5.00 per pack on taxes. It’s called balancing the budget.