10:41AM EST: Bridge Collapses Over Mississippi River


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7:45PM EST: Click HERE to see video footage. The Interstate 35W Mississippi River bridge near University Avenue has collapsed into the river. There are numerous cars in the river and a couple cars on fire. One witness told CBS News, that there was a school bus full of children on the bridge. Cars are still on the bridge. Tons of concrete have collapsed and people are injured. Survivors are being carried up the riverbank. Developing story…..

10:41AM EST: After stopping for the night, emergency crews have resumed their recovery and clean up efforts at the scene of the Interstate 35W bridge that collapsed during rush hour Wednesday evening. Authorities lowered the number of confirmed fatalities to four, but said they expect the number to change throughout the day.

Doctors at Hennepin County Medical Center said at a news conference this morning that 79 people were injured in the disaster.

One of them died around midnight of blunt force trauma, consistent with chest injuries from falling 64 feet.

Fifty-five people were transported to area hospitals including 24 to HCMC. Six of those had life-threatening injuries, 10 were listed in satisfactory condition and eight were treated and released.

Twenty-four people made it to hospitals on their own.

Police Chief Tim Dolan said at a news conference this morning that 20 to 30 people were still missing.


  1. althoughits still early, there was construction work being done on the bridge at the time of the collaps. so lets assume it was not terrorism. lets all pray for all victims of this tragity to be helped and rescued.

  2. You might want to mention that this was in Minneapolis. Mentioning I-35 and the Mississippi River is not very geographically precise. It’s kind of like saying a bridge on I-95 collapsed. Interstates often run the length or width of the country!