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Photos Of Skver Rebbe At White-House

skver cover.jpgClick HERE to view a complete photo album of the Skver Rebbe Shlita in the White-House with former President Clinton. The Rebbe successfully lobbied for the presidential pardon for 4 of his Chasidim.

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  1. These photos were released lately by a photographer who was hired privately by the Clintons.

    These photos were taken 4 years ago on a Chanuka day, when Skverer Rebbe flew to Washington D.C. to meet President Clinton, and beg for the pardoning of 4 Skverer Chasidim, his plea was heard and they were released. We all hope to see the same from President Bush to pardon Jonathan Pollard.

    It’s amazing to see how far Skverer Rebbe went for Pidyon Shivyim, I think a meeting like this sitting with a lady would never be possible from his side in other cases.

  2. Kmoischu Yirbu Byisroel! The mesiras nefesh that the Skver Rebbe from New Square had should hopefully be followed by all leading gedolim and Rebbes.

  3. The President pardoned
    his Chassidim in exchange for their votes to put Hillary in the senate. Clinton wasnt such a Tzaddik!
    But why is this story resurfacing now?

  4. YW. I think Skver is going to be very angry that you posted these pictures! Why start up with them? I don’t think it is a good idea. If I was you I would take it off.

  5. to gemorakop and mom18:

    its just the latets attempt at … more government propgrams.

    of course, if its for johnathan pollard (yonatan ben malka; my shul says a misheberach every shabbos) its 100% ok.

  6. I am very disturbed by any reason to show this
    it was I am sure a very difficult yet degrading thing for for the rebbe to do
    The rebbe is there for klal yisroel 24/7
    hundreds of lutvishe rabbeim and rh alike visit him for advice, to put this in which was your choice is cvery poor tatste and has no logical reason
    why dont we puy in all the pictures of the big wedding of recent that was attended by all choshvei hador who also signed the takanos proclamation for chasunas
    very bad choice to do this
    A real public machila is due
    and i realize you may not publish this

    YW Editor: We disagree with you. We feel it is a KIDDUSH HASHEM which should be publicized. All Rabbonim, Roshei Yeshivos, Admorim etc should see how he went to all extremes to secure 4 Yidden’s release from jail – no matter what they did wrong.

  7. Pidyon Shivyim is one of the greatest mitzvos of all.The Skverer Rebbe, as well as any other Godol Hador, would do anything to save a Jew, let alone multiple Jews.

    Klal Yisroel needs Tzadikim like the Rebbe.

  8. These are fascinating pictures. To see a Rebbe in full garb in the White House is thrilling. To have a few minutes to bend the ear of the leader of the free world is not something to be hidden.

    YW should be proud to be able to post such historic pictures on its website.

  9. YW Editor – I think we are forgetting the whole story as time passes. When the Pell grant crisis hit about 15 years ago, there were a lot of Roshei Yeshivas who voiced their very strong opinions about the shenanigans and Chillul Hashem that originated from Skver’s money dealings. (As I recall Reb Shmuel Faivelson was very vocal about this).

    Sometimes Pidyon Shevuyim does not justify exacerbating a Chillul Hashem. Most of the Oilam HaYeshivas felt this way when the Rebbe was appealing for their pardon back then, and I see no reason why that should have changed.

    If you remember the very negative press coverage to these pardons, it wasn’t what I would call a Kiddush Hashem.

  10. No one, not a single Godol, opposed the rescue of these 4 Yidden.

    That is despite what any of these Yidden may or may not have done wrong.

    There is no greater Kiddush Hashem than Pidyon Shevuyim.

    Also, I don’t see anything wrong with the release of these pictures. They all show the Rebbe and the President of the United States in a cordial meeting.

  11. i like the hats. why was only the rebbe wearing that spuddik type which he never wears on shabbos, his grandkids wear them?

  12. Yes, Pidyon Sh’vuim is a big mitzvah. In this case it seems to me that Pidyon Sh’vuim is a mitzvah haba b’aveirah – if you get my drift. Not doing froile shtick is also a mitzvah; getting sent to jail is a Chilul Hashem. I respect the Skvere Rebbe. After helping them get out of jail, the Rebbe should have banished them for the Chilul Hashem they caused.

  13. Can you get the Skever to help pardon Jonathan Pollard..maybe he got some secret (?) weapons to offer the President.

  14. Woodsy – It is a kolpik. It is worn by Rebbes instead of a hat on weekdays for special occasions, e.g. Chanuka, Purim, and as you see in the picture for meetings with heads of state. (I think that in Belz the Rebbe always wears a kolpik by davening)

    It is also worn on Shabbos by Rebbishe einiklach instead of a hat.

  15. Joseph – Of course no one opposed rescuing these 4 people, but sometimes a very public appeal, in light of what was done, creates an even bigger Chillul Hashem. How do you think it looks to your average observer on the outside? They think that not only does a Frum mossad cheat and steal from the government, they then use their political clout to get everyone off the hook.

  16. thanks all u hat experts. so why are his sons wearing regular hats? I do like the scarves. where are the pics from the peiros tish?

  17. This is one big chillul HaShem. Are we supposed to be proud of this? For some reason Choshen Mishpat is not so fashionable these days…

  18. gemorakop,

    Be glad they used political clout in the furtherance of Pidyon Shevuyim. Pidyon Shevuyim takes precedance for nearly anything else.

    You see this meeting only came to light only 7 years after it occurred. Secondly, who ever said the allegations against these Yidden are true? Just because a secular court “convicted” them? What a joke. Everyone, Jew and gentile alike, know what a corrupt court system we have.

  19. I don’t understand all the praise the skvere Rebbe is getting over Pidyon Shvuyim and Kidush Hashem.
    After all they were working for him and his Moisdos. He is just being a mench and trying to wipe up the mess. (I find it hard to be naive to think that he didn’t know what they were up to)

  20. sammy, You are wrong. The 4 Yidden who were pardoned by the President did not plead guilty. (Even if they did so under pressure of a long prison sentence (which they did not do), it would be meaningless in demonstrating actual guilt.) And the sentences were not reduced (by the court or prosecutor), and they did not plea bargain.

    So do not assume a Yid is guilty of anything a secular court “convicts” them of, especially considering that we all know how corrupt the “system” is. (Where the innocent are convicted and the guilty are acquitted — i.e. Lemrick Nelson and OJ Simpson.)

  21. Pollared is not the same like this 4 skeverer chasidim POLLARED was doing a CHUZPAH thing against united states a spy sits for life so why he should be diffrent.All of you who wants pollared should be padroned don’t be fullisch he is getting what its sayes in the law of the U.S.

  22. i think liman kvoidoy for the skverer rebbe shlita you should take out the pictures with hillary as he is a chasidisha rebbe etc

  23. Good point Joseph. In addition to your examples of corrupt court decisions where clearly guilty men were acquitted, one (of many) example of where innocent men were convicted is the cops who were wrongly convicted of beating Rodney King.

    And dear readers, please don’t waste our collective time trying to defend that felon Rodney King. He was resisting arrest and the cops had every reason to fear for their safety in trying to subdue him — attempting to arrest him while he was high on drugs. They had to subdue him in arresting him. But they were railroaded by the so-called “justice system” AFTER THEY WERE ACQUITTED, they were retired, despite the so-called Constitutional protections against “double-jeopardy”, and were falsely convicted upon retrial to appease the rioters. (What an insult to all law-abiding citizens.)

    And in general we see these types of false convictions all the time. Many times we even see some courts acquit men MANY YEARS AFTER they were convicted and served time in tough prisons. But many more times were the courts refuse to find innocent men as innocent.

  24. Harrys (#39) – get your facts straight before you talk about Pollard. “A spy sits for life?” Check out the comparative sentences for other high-profile spies and you will be shocked.

  25. to yw editor
    you are right no question that what the rebbe did was a huge kiddush hashem my point is that there is no question as you already see above in many of the comments it is not bringing out the best in people or any way adding kovod to the rebbe
    I still have problems how during chodesh elul this type of display of these pictures add kovod shomayim and kvod skvere
    I spoke with skvere myself today and they are extremely disturbed and offended that this was published not because of what took place rather that this was a timely thing to do than not necessarily an important public item, this raise a much more serious level of being poigem kavod hatorah
    ask them yourself and see there responce if they are bothered by it and if yes than what would be your feelings

  26. yossib,

    I have been met the Skeverer Rebbe’s with my wife. I don’t see what the bog deal is that President Clinton met the Skeverer Rebbe with his wife.

  27. Joseph, while the system may be flawed I would choose this court system over any other court system in the world. In any arab state or communist state the word court system does not even apply. Yes there are cases of mistaken convictions but by and large most criminals in jail belong there. Don’t blame the court system for some frum jews being indicted. We have to acknowledge that when our own people committ a crime it is considered a chilul hashem and others must not follow suit. For you to overlook that and just assume that because they are frum they did not do it is naieve.

  28. mikedrezz,

    While I certainly agree that the American system of Justice is far better than any other (secular) justice system in the world today, no secular system of justice, including our beloved American system, is free of corruption. That being said, no faith can be placed in this “system.” It has far too many flaws. It is a game of who has the best lawyers, who has the most money, how overreaching the prosecutor is willing to be to further their career goals for higher office and make a “name” for themselves, etc. The last item of the list is the truth. It is not justice, but rather justice denied.

    Don’t misread my comments above. I have not addressed whether in fact these individuals are guilty or not. I, and probably everyone reading this, do not know. That being said, we must be dan lkav zechus, and assume, and fully believe, they are innocent. They’re so-called “conviction” notwithstanding for all the above outlined reasons.

  29. Clinton left office on Shabbos Jan 20, 2001, so these pictures are over six years old. They were not pardoned, Hillary did not win the election by anywhere near the voting population of Shikkun Skver so to say that Skver put her into office is not quite fair, it was a simple expression of Hakoras Hatov which is a Yiddishe midda. (I voted for Jim Florio for Gov of NJ because he personally did me a great tova when he was in congress, not because I agreed with him politically.) Lastly, as Yeshiva World is a “yeshiva’dik” blog, maybe they could have Photoshopped Hillary out like the Yated doesn’t publish pictures of women.

  30. I am really shocked that everyone is disturbed that the rebbe spoke or was looking at Hillary or the other women in the room. I have been by the rebbe countless times with my wife as well as cousins and he has no problem looking, talking or even giving them “a good one liner”
    As far as him going to the white house I think that anyone following the case realized that these individuals who sat in jail didn’t really deserve to sit but they were a “Korbon Tzibbur” being sentenced to hard jail time for the sins of people “Higher Up”
    The munkatcher rebbe as well as the bobover rebbe zt”l as well as Rav Gamliel Rabinovitz as well as countless rabbonim and lawyers all pleaded with the skever rebbe to let them take a plea but unfortunately he refused their requests. So going to the white house on their behalf is no great deal!


  32. i think its a gavaldig to have published them photos it brings the holy rebbe closer to us

    in the sense that he too (the rebbe shlita) lives in the olim hasiya (the real world) and not in some abstract and out of realty world.

    when action is needed action is taken lmasah!!!
    even by the holy ones amongst us

    kudos to YW

    kudos to yw

  33. Boruch1234, I don’t know the veracity of that story about the Munkatcher, Bobover, et al asking the Skeverer Rebbe to allow a plea, but I am certain the Skverer Rebbe had good reasons for taking whatever actions he took.

    And in the end, as it turned out with the Pardon, these Yidden may very well have been better off taking this legal path.

  34. To YW Editor (and others):
    You write, “YW Editor: We disagree with you. We feel it is a KIDDUSH HASHEM, which should be publicized. All Rabbonim, Roshei Yeshivos, Admorim etc should see how he went to all extremes to secure 4 Yidden’s release from jail – no matter what they did wrong.”
    There is something of, Halacha vi’eino morah kein.
    You are right, it should be publicized but you could have left out the pictures of the Rebbe with Hillary.
    Also, if the Rebbe feels uncomfortable with these pictures (which I am sure) it goes into hamalbim as chaveiro bi’rabim (especially if he turns red when hearing about it).

  35. ‘Also, if the Rebbe feels uncomfortable with these pictures (which I am sure) it goes into hamalbim as chaveiro bi’rabim (especially if he turns red when hearing about it).’

    Yah, thats very clever! add heat to the fire!

  36. joseph, since you are suddenly particular on being dan lekaf zechus I will hold you to it. In the past you have questioned peoples actions as opposed to being dan lekaf zechus immediately.

  37. Pachm1770 and Joseph,
    Well, listen to this story that’s also out there. Someone came to Rav Shimon Schwab to try to get him to use his influence to help get a ‘frum’ guy out of jail. He got angry and said something like,’Look at the Chillul Hashem which he caused, let him sit!’ So how does that story fit in to what you guys keep saying about pidyon shivuim?

    And by the way, what’s the issur with Hillary’s picture? You don’t think Artscroll follows daas Torah, they have women’s pictures in their biographies?

  38. The only reason the rebbe didn’t accept a plea is that he said “he will beat the system” Unfortunately the Novominsker rebbe spoke out openly against him by an Agudah Convention.
    He said his yungelight “Velen Nisht Zizten”
    Trust me for those who know the history know that the rebbe blew this one badly
    He almost had a revolution in his town because of this story.
    You can check with the people involved almost every godol and askan including Rav Moshe Sherer z”l begged him to plea Rabbi Scherer flew down to Washington specially for this and came back and said “this case has worms coming out of it wherever you open the can”
    I hope the editor will print this since a lot of my friends here in Monsey tell me that he doesn’t print most of the responses but I think this site is an open form and the truth should come out Not always is it pleasant to hear the truth but It’s Chodesh Elul time to do teshuva.

  39. dave375, I refuse to believe that loshon hora about Rav Shimon Schwab.

    sammy (#62), don’t believe everything you hear.

    Boruch1234, The Rebbe’s actions turned out better than accepting a plea bargain, as the Pardon reduced the sentence more than any plea would have. So I would hesitate to question the Rebbe’s daas.

  40. ‘dave375, I refuse to believe that loshon hora about Rav Shimon Schwab’

    Oh, please, why is it loshon harah, because it doesn’t fit into your version of daas torah? According to you, not one godol came out against this, and I gave you a story from a godol, maybe about someone else, but it could fit here also, and you say you don’t believe it. Why don’t you ask his talmidim first before you say you don’t believe it?

  41. Dave375,

    We need a Godol like Rav Shimon Schwab to paskin and say,” look at the chillul hashem which he caused, let him sit” not the YW EDITOR or any other shnuk blogger.

    What do you mean that “Artscroll follows daas Torah; they have women’s pictures in their biographies.” Can you really be mi’dameh a biography, and a picture of the Rebbe with Hillary? Where is your sechel?

    Besides the Rebbe does so much for the Klal. He is mikabel bi’saveh ponim yofis, anyone and everyone that comes to him, don’t you think that we can have a little Hakoras Hatov and not put in
    pictures that could embarrass him?

    Also, what would you say, if these pictures get into the Daily News or Post (anyone could go into this website or have these pictures e-mailed), would you feel the same way?!!

  42. Pach,
    I must be missing something here. What is he doing in the picture, shaking her hand or kissing her? He’s talking to her, for crying out loud! Of course, if you make things up, that it’s assur to talk business with or look, without staring, at a women, then it looks fishy. But according to the shulchan aruch, he did nothing wrong.

    Joseph, I don’t believe that story, it’s against daas torah.

  43. Rabosai I would like to make the oilam aware of the mesiras nefesh that the rebbe took upon himself by actually going down to the white house the bezyonos that he threw upon himself to meet with the president and hillary the rebbe to look at a goyta!besides the fact that the rebbe shlita never goes himself even to simchas he sends his “kinder”also the fact that he had to pose for pictures with the president and hillary his father the rebbe zatzal was such a “lochem”in this “prat” of taking pictures next the rebbe traveled on Friday morning of chanukah with good chances of maybe being stuck in washington for shabbos and last but not least the rebbe sat on couches that were not checked for “shatnez” in my eyes this is true mesiras nefesh and we should be proud of the rebbe and the olem should know that this Sunday there will be a great kidush hashem by laying the corner stone for new square#2 with the actualputingin the yesod coins(matbeos) from the rebbes father zatzal and by doing that the rebbe will be mamshich gevulos dekedusha and by the way the rebbe will probally where his kulpik because it is a big yom tov bikitzur this is the way to be mekadesh shem shomayim!!!

  44. Joseph, do you want me to make known the occasions when you have not been don lakaf zechus in the past in a public forum or should I do it privately? Please let me know, because I keep track of previous blogs and I can make it known if you so desire.
    Its my gut feeling that you are only dan lekaf zechus for certain yeeden. Vehamayven yovin.

  45. JC 10 points on your comment. By the way I also heard that by the event that will take place next Sunday The Skulener Rebbe Shlita and HaGaon Reb Malkiek Kotler Shlita will adress the Mamad. What a Kiddush Hashem!

  46. shvitzer1 by the way the guest speker is the tolna rebbe shlita from yeushalayim he is a big chosid and very close yedid to the skverer rebbe that he waited till the day the skverer rebbe left eretz yisroel last time to visit him

  47. dave375

    I’ll ask you again, what happens if this gets into the Secular Press.

    Don’t you think that he will have bizyonis, even though like you say,he didn’t do anything wrong.

    It will zicher not be a Kiddish hashem.

    Besides, did anyone ask a Godol, if it is proper to post these pictures??!!

  48. mike, you are still wrong.

    If you are referring to Rashayim like the Reform, zionists, etc. don’t bother as Daas Torah offers them no benefit.

  49. PACHMI770 said: “I’ll ask you again, what happens if this gets into the Secular Press”

    These pictures are PUBLIC INFORMATION from Presidnet Clinton’s library.

    They are available to the world waaaaaaaaay before Yeshivaworld posted them.

    Stop taking nonsense.

  50. קיבלתי את התמונה באי מייל [האדמו”ר מסקווער עם קלינ…
    i guess check it out on hydepark yourself


    Editors Note: We will not post a comment which is Lashon Hara – filled with NAMES and personal attacks. We figured you would get the message after deleting the first 37 comments you submitted.


    Editors Response: We have an idea. YOU show your EXACT comments to ANY Moreh Heter in the world, and get us a SIGNED P’sak that what you said is not Lashon Harah. We are not protecting any Rebbe………..

    By the way, it’s nice to know that we are located in Lakewood. NOT!


    Editors Response: Oh OK. It was only 17 comments – ALL filled with vile Lashon Hara.

  54. JO Jo

    While these pictures might be PUBLIC INFORMATION from President Clinton’s library, it is very interesting that only Yeshiva World, a yiddishe based website picked up on theses pictures,to DEGRADE a Godol B’yisroel.

  55. Hey PACHMI770!!!

    I don’t want to burst your bubble, but I had these photos emailed to me from three different people a few days before YW posted them.

    They were also posted on Hyde Park quite a few days ago.

    Noone is degrading anyone here. There is nothing wrong with the photos. They are magnificant.

    Please come off your self-proclaimed high.

    It’s very interesting to see such heated opinions about a matter that I assume most people on this site do NOT HAVE PERSONAL KNOWLEDGE OF. I think a number of people on this site need to start learning hilchos loshon hora, as many comments here violate these laws, especially the laws pertaining specifically to believing and speaking (and typing) any information regarding any Talmid Chochom, not to mention a Talmid Chochom of the magnintude of the Sverer Rebbe Shlit”a. I also see that most people never got answers to their questions. Well maybe this will help: I believe one of you correctly mentioned that these photos were taken by a private photographer of the Clintons; which, by the way, explains why they were never publicized until now. So, why now, begs the question. The answer is that, as many of you know, Skver will imminently be laying its new cornerstone in Spring Glen, NY. The Clintons respect the Rebba Shlit”a very much and felt that by releasing these photos now it would help the Rebba in his efforts. Now, don’t get me wrong please: The Rebbe Shlit”a had no prior knowledge of this & the Clintons acted on their own behalf. Many of you above even mentioned the Rebba might be embarrassed of these pictures. Well, as a person who speaks with the Rebba shlit”a very often, I must say I need to agree. The Rebba would never ask that such photos be publicly released, even if it would “taka” help his efforts in being Marchiv G’vulos D’Kedusha. He IS embarrassed by them. This is an example where one person thinks they are doing another a favor while the other person doesn’t share the same perception. It represents the wonderful hevdel bein yisroel l’amim! Whoever knows anything about Skver knows they don’t like pictures. It was hard for the Rebba to smile in those pictures, you could tell. All the above has been told to me by someone very close to the Rebba Shlit”a, I will not mention his name. And, by the way, in response to all the issurei lashon hara that I have read here, I want to say this: Any one of you that have expressed views that in any way belittle the Skvera Rebba Shlit”a and his efforts which are all completely Kulo Kodesh mamish, aside from the fact that your issurim might be exponentially greater because of the fact that you exposed such false feelings to the entire readership of this site; if you would ever meet with the Rebba Shlit”a and see, in person, his smile…I guarantee you that you will feel what true ahavas yisroel is, and you will definetelty regret retroactively the comments that you have posted here. Take me up on it – you’ll see I’m right. I’ve said this to others who have listened and I have never been wrong in this regard. Everyone that meets him is kimat spellbound. Take my words for what they are – but many have spoken until now without knowledge but I speak with it…
    Please Note: Your comments are welcome but please, if you say anything negative about Skver or the Rebba Shlit”a I will not even respond, because until we’re on the same page as to who we are talking about here, you will never begin to understand the emes anyway. I thank everyone for reading this.
    With wishes for a life-changing Elul,

  57. ANOTHER person talking NONSENSE.





  58. RESPONSE TO JO JO: When I say I know something, I mean it. Whereas you apparently don’t. I will quote the comment you just made and then the comment you made in #79 and then the rest of the readership will decide on their own who is more likely to be speaking the truth! Your recent comment was (and please correct me if I’m wrong): “For the record: I PERSONALY KNOW OF TWO SEPERATE INDIVIDUALS WHO HAVE PAID MORE THAN $500 FOR THESE PHOTOS.THEY WERE NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER RELEASE BY “THE CLINTONS”!!!!!!!!!!!!STOP WITH ALL YOUR FANTASIES, AND GROW UP!!PLAIN & SIMPLE. SOMEONE BOUGHT THEM AND EMAILED THEM AROUND. THE CLINTONS COULD NOT CARE LESS, AND THEY THEMSELVS DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO THESE PHOTOS.”
    Let’s compare that with your comment in post #79:
    “These pictures are PUBLIC INFORMATION from Presidnet Clinton’s library.They are available to the world waaaaaaaaay before Yeshivaworld posted them.Stop taking nonsense.”
    So, JO JO, I have two very simple questions for you…
    1)If the Clintons “themselves do not have access to these photos”, then how is it that “[t]hese pictures are PUBLIC INFORMATION from President Clinton’s library”???
    2)If “[t]hese pictures are PUBLIC INFORMATION from President Clinton’s library” then why would “TWO SEPERATE INDIVIDUALS PAY MORE THAN $500 FOR THESE PHOTOS”???
    It seems JO JO that lying never pays and will only cause us pain in the future. Please seriously heed the advise I gave in my earlier e-mail, regarding the laws of Lashon Hara, and please stop with all YOUR fantasies. Signed again by someone who speaks with knowledge. I am getting very confused regarding the readership on this site. Please brothers, be mevatel to the emes!!

  59. Joseph, #34

    Pidyon Shvuyim?????

    This is 21st century US not 19th century Eastern Europe. A yid in an American jail is NOT a captive…and there is no mitzvah of freeing him.

  60. well itanne1 by the way how does this sound to you Thanks for contacting the Clinton Presidential Library. We do have the
    photographs available from the Meeting with the Grand Rabbi of New
    Square on 12/22/2000. I have attached the photo contact sheet below.
    Please let me what frames you would like to order high resolution images
    of. We charge $16.50 per image for high res. files. After scanning the
    image (s) we will burn the images to a CD and ship you the CD. If you
    are interested in ordering any of the photos please contact me back with
    billing and shipping details. Thanks

    John Keller
    William J. Clinton Presidential Library
    1200 President Clinton Ave.
    Little Rock, AR 72201
    [email protected]

  61. jo jo

    Today is Rosh Chodosh Ellul.

    Let me hear in your words a little Teshuva when
    it comes to bein odam li’chaveiro and malbim es pnei chaveiroy bi’rabim.

  62. drawkcab, You’re comment doesn’t deserve a response.

    The Torah in the 21st century is the same Torah as in the 19th century. The same Torah that apllies in Europe applies in America.

    Pidyon Shvuyim still applies today. It is still a great mitzvah. In America.

  63. “I believe one of you correctly mentioned that these photos were taken by a private photographer of the Clintons”

    WRONG. They were taken by the Whitehouse photographer.

    “If “[t]hese pictures are PUBLIC INFORMATION from President Clinton’s library” then why would “TWO SEPERATE INDIVIDUALS PAY MORE THAN $500 FOR THESE PHOTOS”???”

    I meant that they are available to the public for a price. Anyone can purchase any photos from any presidential library.

    “Skver will imminently be laying its new cornerstone in Spring Glen, NY. The Clintons respect the Rebba Shlit”a very much and felt that by releasing these photos now it would help the Rebba in his efforts.”

    The Clintons did not release anything to anyone. Some Joe Schmo realized that these photos were available, bought them, and emailed them around.

    If you think for a second that the Clintins are thinking about the Skver Rebbe now, then you are dreaming. They are running for the Whitehouse – in case you were sleeping. Skver is meaningless to them. Getting the Skver voting block is worthless in a US Presidential election.

  64. To all those with questions: Although we will not disclose where we received these photos from, we can assure you that they were NOT given to Yeshivaworld by the Clinton’s.

    They were purchased by someone from the presidential archives by someone and sent to us.

    NOTE: These photos were emailed to thousands of people well before we posted them here.

  65. jO jO,

    Don’t be too quick to assume anyones voting block is meaningless in a Presidential election. The Presidential election is decided by the Electoral College. And winning a State’s popular vote entitles the winning candidate to the entire states Electoral College vote. So if the Skeverer vote made a difference for Hillary to run after in the Senate election, it may very well mean something to them to run after in the Presidential election. This is especially if N.Y.’s vote is at play (as may be, with both parties — and possibly Bloomberg as an independent — having New York candidates that have serious prospects of becoming the nominee.

    BTW you never answered what you were referring to regarding these photos having been previously posted at “Hyde Park.”

  66. I’ll tell you one thing about those photos. Clinton seems a lot happier to be with the Rebbe, then the Rebbe was to be with Clinton.

  67. Y.W. Editor

    To me, you remain………………………………….

    Editors Note: To me, you remain just another person playing GAMES with multiple screen names. Boruch1234


  68. Hyde Park is a tabloid web site with Jewish news. Its named after the famous park in London where every Mishugener gets up on a bench and starts blabbing on any issue he wants. Its nothing more than gossip!

  69. actually, I misread your comment. I said that Clinton was happier to be with the Rebbe, than the Rebbe was to be with Clinton.

  70. Yes, I agree with you. Who would want to stand next to the shiksa Hillary? Even Bill is better than her (and that is saying a lot.)

  71. When I said the Clinton’s released them, I didn’t mean (and I thought this would be obvious) that Hillary or Bill sent them to YW from their personal computer. What I meant was that they instructed whoever they instruct to do these things to make them available on their archives. Yes, from there someone bought them and e-mailed them around. But aren’t any of you still curious as to why they were first placed on the archives now if this meeting took place in December of 2000, 7 years ago!! Again, the emes will never falter. Any comment anyone makes can be answered when one is confident that they are speaking the emes!!!

  72. So Joseph this is the ideology or for those that don’t understand the meaning of ideology it means the mehalech hamachshova that new square exists on or otherwise it is all over! az men darf gleiben afilu men zeht nisht!

  73. Joseph,
    you missed my point again, lol! I am not speaking from the Rebbe’s point of view but from Bill’s, he’s been avoiding Hillary all through the years, why would he want to stand near her unless he has to ?

  74. Y.W. Editor

    I know who I am.

    If you say I am someone playing games and disguising myself as someone else and therefore not printing what I wrote, I think at this point
    you have a complex.
    I just hope you never have to go into the Rebbe after YOU embarrased him in public.

  75. hahahahahahahah!

    I happen to know YW personaly, and he does not need the skver rebbe for anything – make that all rebbes.

    he has the biggest rosh yeshiva in the world!

    yw, keep on truckin!

  76. Snags, Never say anyone won’t need anyone else. Especially a Rebbe.

    Finally, you are not one to rate one Godol against another, or declare who is bigger.

  77. Gentleman, I don’t understand what are these endless arguments going back and fwd?

    Could someone just point out clearly, what’s wrong with these photos?, Or the whole story of the Skverer Rebbe going to visit the Clintons, to accomplish “Pidyon Shvium”? (Whether the prisoners where in fact guilty or not guilty)

    What are the issues?


  78. YW Editor:

    One last comment to you.

    If you can’t live up to your name of “Yeshiva World” and act like an Ehrlicher Yeshiva Mahn and adopt the same policies as the Hamodia and Yated of RESPECTING GEDOLIM, NO LOSHON HORAH, AND NO PICTURES OF WOMEN,

    YW Editor Responds: One last comment to you. We will continue to run our website with Daas Torah – as we always do. If you don’t like what you see – then please don’t visit the website.

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