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Federal Appeals Court Upholds ObamaCare

A federal appeals court in Cincinnati has upheld President Obama’s health care overhaul.

The ruling is the first by a federal appeals court on the overhaul. The three-judge 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals panel delivered a long opinion Wednesday with disagreement on some issues.

But it affirmed a Michigan federal judge’s earlier ruling that Congress can require Americans to have minimum insurance coverage.

A conservative law center had challenged the provision. It said that it was unconstitutional and that Congress was overstepping its powers.

More than 30 legal challenges have been filed. The case is expected to eventually reach the U.S. Supreme Court.

(Source: Fox News)

11 Responses

  1. like everything else that congress requires it put the cost of the program on the individual tax payer and then takes credit for it “great reform”. this goes also for state and local mandated programs that get thrown on the backs of the tax payers.
    destruction of the middle class is a sure way to destroy the economy, why just look around and see what obama has done to this country.

  2. Is there no liberzes how dangerous this is?
    If the government can require someone to purchase something then what limitations are there on governmental power?
    And please do not argue car insurance because first of those are state mandates and the states do have much more powere then the federal government, and secondly the government a license is a “privlege” those who wish to have a license must keep certain conditions if one does not wish to keep them they are not required to get a license.
    Over here the government is requiring that one purchase something simply because they were born.

  3. Given that several Circuit Courts are spending time on the case, it would be more efficient if the Supreme Court used its powers to supervise the Federal judiciary to consolidate the case and skip the middle level appeals process in order to expedite a hearing on the matter.

  4. Governments require you to pay taxes too…in New Jersey, the uniform land use law makes property owners pay for certain in-street sewer and water main repairs…and makes public buildings have sprinkler systems. So faced with the crisis we have with so many medically uninsured (USA ranks 37th…37th in longevity, according to a WHO report issued two weeksago)…and with consevative objections to a single payor system…just what is the problem here objection?

    (Please, if you are already on a gov’t subsidized health insurance program leave your objections at home…I just love listening to my friend’s son-in-law rant and rave against “government Obamacare,” while living and learning in Lakewood with a his wife and several young children, all of whom are on a government paid for medical program)

  5. If all Appeals Courts rule as the Sixth Circuit has ruled, the Supreme Court might not bother with the case. The federal government first mandated purchase of health insurance in 1798 and nobody objected back then.

  6. To YonasanW. You are aware that the reason we rank so low in longevity statistics is that most couintries don’t count infant mortality in their statistics. Many don’t count if the child doesn’t reach age 2, and some don’t count unless the child hits a fifth birthday! We count them the moment that they’re born live.

    And to Dr. Hall: So whatever happened to that 1798 law? Why do we need another?

  7. “So whatever happened to that 1798 law? Why do we need another?”

    It only covered merchant seamen. And the hospitals it set up were closed by Ronald Reagan.

  8. midwesterner (#7) – I don’t know where you got that from, but you’re dead wrong…go look up the infant mortality figures, where we don’t look so good either.

  9. No. 1: I don’t know where you get your health insurance (assuming you are responsible enough to have any), but I know from personal experience that shopping for health insurance is a nightmare. There is desparate need for health care reform, and the full provisions of the so-called “Obamacare” law cannot start soon enough.

    Could you please explain in what way you are oppressed by a requirement to buy health insurance? If the federal government required you to breathe, would you feel oppressed?

  10. No. 1: One other thing: I cannot give you a citation, but I am quite sure that Torah requires all of us assure that everyone can receive medical care. The burden to provide medical care falls not only on those skilled in the healing arts (doctors, nurses, hospitals, etc.) but on every member of the community. So the “Obamacare” requirement that you (and I and everyone else) buy health insurance is fully consistent with our Torah obligation to assure that medical care is available to all. Perhaps we can call this “Torahcare”.

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