Jordanian Hamas Terrorist Indicted For Planning To Abduct Israeli


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A 28-year-old Hamas terrorist who holds Jordanian citizenship was indicted on Thursday for allegedly planning to abduct an Israeli diplomat in Jordan. The indictment was filed in the Petach Tikvah District Court against Mahmoud Yousef Usman, whose terror cell planned to abduct an Israeli diplomat in Jordan, attack the Israeli embassy in that country as well as firing rockets from Jordan to Israel.

Arriving in Hamas-controlled Gaza from Jordan in 2010, Usman took part in terrorist training including military tactics, and then traveled to Jordan and Syria where he was supposed to obtain the necessary supplies to perpetrate his attack, including tracking and communications devices. He was given the necessary funds in Gaza prior to setting out on his mission. He met with senior Hamas commanders in Jordan and Syria.

He and his colleagues were planning to rent a home near the Israeli Embassy in Amman to permit observing the diplomatic facility towards perpetrating the attack.

The suspect was arrested last month in a PA area shortly after returning to the area and faces a multi-count indictment including conspiracy, contacting foreign agents, membership in a terrorist organization, and illegal possession of weapons. The court ordered the suspect held without bail.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)