Delta Flight From JFK To Tel Aviv Makes Unscheduled landing In Paris; Passengers Placed In Hotels For Night


Delta flight 468 from JFK to Tel Aviv made an unscheduled landing on Tuesday night. The aircraft suffered some type of “leak” (possibly involving water), and landed in Paris.

According to people on the flight, the airline kept the passengers on the plane for 4 hours as crews attempted to correct the issue.

Eventually, Delta booked the entire flight hotel rooms near the airport,

They rescheduled the flight as Delta 9868 departing tomorrow from Paris to Tel Aviv.

Sadly, one passenger missed his mother funeral as a result of the incident.

(Charles Gross – YWN)


  1. There will always be some yidden who will look for a way to make lemonade out of a lemon…the airline acted responsibly and prudently (based on information reported thusfar) and provided overnight rooms and meals for the passengers. Yet there will be demands for “additional compensation” from some passengers and armchair aviation lawyers commenting on the situation.

  2. They are entitled by law to additional compensation. There is always one yid- you- who will find fault in everyone but himself. Get a life!

  3. Airline did not act prudently and kept them on plane and in airport for 8 hours. Did not provide kosher food. Only vouchers but not worth much because hotel is 45 minutes from closest frum area. They also did not contact parents about delay.

  4. The airline is not obliged to provide kosher food, and if it was half of the passengers wouldn’t dream of touching that hechsher, the same way as many passengers order kosher, read the labels, ask if there is anything else then don’t touch it, creating a tremendous kiddush hashem. In delay circumstances like this the airlines do their best, which means just that. Sometimes it appears the fault can be corrected in a short time frame so there is no point in deplaning. When it is clear that is not the case, they take everyone off and provide meal vouchers. If there is going to be an overnight stop, they then the book the passengers into hotels. I have been stranded several times in places without kosher food but I have never starved. I always take spare food with me and fruit is invariably available. Yidden stop griping in public all the time. And you wonder why we are hated.