Innovative Bnos Agudah Sefira Program


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Bnos Agudas Yisroel is in the middle of a very exciting and innovative national sefira program. Each week the girls call in to a special hotline which tells them of the chessed of the week in an exciting and humorous manner. This week’s chessed was eizah hu mechubad hamechabed es habriyos, smiling at people and giving them a compliment. The girls count up how many compliments they have given people during the week, and call the number into the hotline. Every Sunday, all the participants can call the hotline to find out the total amount of chessed that was done that week and who did the most chessed of the week. More than twenty cities throughout the country are now participating in the program, uniting girls in a beautiful activity revolving around gemilus chasadim.

“This is an amazing program which has attracted a great amount of interest,” said Shiffy Gross, originator and organizer of the program. “It gives every girl that participates a tremendous feeling of accomplishment and empowerment to do chessed and to be kind to one another.”

(YWN Headquarters – NYC)