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El Al Flight from London Touches Down Safely Following Emergency Landing

An El Al flight from London to Tel Aviv had to turn back for an emergency landing after an explosion was heard and flames were seen coming out of one of the plane’s engines.

El Al flight LY 318, a Boeing 747-400 left Heathrow Airport on Thursday morning at 01:00, 15 Tammuz 5772 without incident but about 20 minutes into the flight some passengers heard an explosion and then flames and smoke were seen coming out of an engine. There were 411 passengers and crew members on board.

Captain Ilan Margalit informed Heathrow of the plane’s condition and told traffic controllers the flight was returning for an emergency landing on three engines. Passengers report a “Strong smell of smoke” filled the cabin and many passengers become anxious and agitated as cabin crew personnel were also busy implementing emergency measures.

Baruch Hashem they returned to Heathrow and landed safely. El Al officials released a standard message of calm to the media, that Captain Margalit had total control at all times and the situation was not a major emergency, seeking to dispel fears of ‘what could have occurred’.

El Al adds it will do its utmost to have the passengers on another flight within 24 hours.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. To 1 and 2 – it depends on if you’re from the US or UK. In the US, the period would always go inside the quotation marks (which would be double, not single as above). In the UK, whether the period goes inside or outside the quote depends on if the whole sentence is a quote or only part. If the whole sentence is a quote, the period is inside the quotation mark, while if only part of the sentence is a quote, it would be outside.

    It would be great if these were the worst errors of punctuation ever found on this site, wouldn’t it?

    an Israeli Yid

  2. “El Al Flight from London Touches Down Safely Following Emergency Landing.” Say instead: “El Al Flight from London Touches Down Safely In Emergency Landing.” A touch down does not ‘follow’ a landing. It is an integral part of it! Brush up the language, YWN!

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