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TEHILLIM – Two Yeshiva Bochrim In Serious Condition Following Crash After Siyum HaShas

A vehicle returning to Camp Ruach Chaim in the Catskills from the Siyum HaShas at MetLife Stadium, was involved in a serious crash, early Thursday morning. reports that a total of 9 people were inside the mini-van which was travelling on Route 17 near Exit 114, when it collided with a tractor-trailer. Catskills Hatzolah was dispatched to the scene with numerous ambulances to treat the victims. One of the passengers, a 20-year-old Bochur, was transported to Orange County Regional Medical Center with a femur fracture. He was later transferred to Westchester Trauma Center, where he was going into surgery on Thursday afternoon. A second Bochur suffered a spinal fracture, and was also in serious condition.

Please be Mispallel for Shmuel Simcha ben Tziporah Miriam, and Yechiel ben Sima Esther.


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  1. If he couldn’t see 20 ft in front of the car, then he should have pulled over and stopped, not endanger 7 other people.

    Time to reinforce the no buchrim driving rule.

  2. Yes, what he should have a did not are two separate things.
    We too went from and too the Catskills. It was nice to see all the vehicles travelling but what was not nice was seeing some of our own talking on the cellphone while driving.
    The fog was heavy and we slowed down, put the blinkers on and went extremely slow. The drivers we had are experienced drivers, some who do alot of driving as part of their livelihood.
    Now especially before Shabbos Nachamu please lets be extra careful, especially for those who can drive but don’t drive often and may be renting a car for the weekend or Bain Hazmanim.

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