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More Charges Filed Against Most-Wanted Nazi In Slovakia

Slovak justice authorities said Thursday more charges have been filed against the alleged Nazi-era war criminal Laszlo Csatary, detained in neighbouring Hungary.

The 97-year-old Csatary, who tops the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s dwindling wanted list of surviving suspected Nazi war criminals, allegedly organised the World War II deportation to their deaths of some 16,000 Jews from the ghetto of Kosice in present-day southeast Slovakia, which was then part of Hungary.

“A Kosice citizen, whose father was deported to Germany in January 1945, on Wednesday filed charges against Csatary for crimes against humanity,” Milan Filicko, spokesman for the general prosecutor’s office in Kosice told AFP.

“The charges include Csatary’s responsibility for deportations of Kosice citizens to Germany,” Filicko said.

Between November 1944 and January 1945, 500-700 people were murdered in Kosice, including 12 who were hanged in the town centre, the SME daily reported Thursday.

“Csatary, who was then a senior police officer, should be also held responsible for these crimes,” a second citizen who filed charges against Csatary, but wished to remain anonymous, told the daily.

Slovak justice authorities have 30 days to decide whether to formally indict Cstarty on the complaints.

As a member of the “committee for cleaning the city of undesirable citizens”, Csatary helped to draw up a list of some 1,200 Kosice locals who did not support the Nazi regime, SME reported.

Slovakia’s Justice Minister Tomas Borec said Monday he wanted Csatary to be tried in his country, echoing a similar call by Slovakia’s Jewish community last week.

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