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Uman Ticket Refunds are Underway

As Rosh Hashanah approaches the annual euphoria the precedes a visit to Uman by Breslov Chassidim has waned somewhat due to the dispute surrounding the ‘ticket scandal’ of the נחלי איתנים travel agency. Sadly, many will not make it to Uman, while for others; the ruach that exists today has taken a big bite out of the pre-yomtov atmosphere amid allegations of wrong doing by prominent members of the chassidus. For others, it is simply a financial issue, left without the expected subsidy, now strapped financially and looking for relief.

From the reliable but yet unconfirmed reports, Rav Nachman Berlind has began refunding money, beginning with the less expensive tickets for younger children. Agency operators are working to find funds to cover the refunds, hoping to also begin refunding the adult tickets.

The expected 8,000 subsidized tickets  did not seem to materialize this year despite the unparalleled efforts of Shuvu Banim Rosh Yeshiva Rav Eliezer Berlind Shlita, attributed to the global economic crisis and the limited abilities of philanthropists during these more difficult times.

On Wednesday, 18 Elul 5772, threats of lawsuits were heard among worried chassidim who see the Rosh Hashanah clock ticking down as they are left wondering what will occur. It appears these threats have expedited the response from travel agency officials.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


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  1. What I find truly sad is that so many people leave their families and eretz ha-kedosha for Uman. Maybe Hakadosh Borchu is sending a message.

    I never understood this

  2. Really, I know what it must be like to want to go. But honestly people, you have to have priorities. and they must be in order.
    Do you owe your landlord money?
    Are you barely making mashkanta payments?
    Do you owe other people money?
    If the Rebbe could toell you to pay debts, travel only when you owe noone, I hope you would listen!
    I guess I cant spend money on something that is questionably necessay, when I know I owe others. One day I would like to go to Uman.

  3. Worried chassidim? What are they worried about? Having to spend Rosh Hashana in E”Y where the kiddusha is greater than in any cemetery?

  4. Let me understand this. Its chodesh Elul and these erhliche yidden are threatening to sue their travel agents if they cannot get discounted ticket to Uman and c’v have to spend Yom Tov at home with their wives and children. They clearly should be compensated for the pain and suffering they will endure.

  5. It’s obvious that #1-#6 have never experienced Rosh Hashana in Uman. I suggest you all invest in it first (i.e. make the voyage), and then let’s see your comments. You ain’t never been, you can’t comment. My husband is going with not only my full consent but also my encouragement. His tefillas there are worth gold, not only for him and our family, but all the tefillas there are for all of Am Yisrael. Uman Uman Rosh Hashana – BE THERE!

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