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Survey: Many People, Even Those Who Learn All Day, Can’t Answer These Basic Questions:


Test yourself:

  • Who compiled the Tosefta?
  • Who was Abayei’s rebbe?
  • Where did the author of the Tur live?
  • Who was older, R’ Chaim Soloveitchik or the Chafetz Chaim?

It’s not just you. If you’d poll those around you, you’d be surprised to find that many yeshiva bochurim, Bais Yaakov students, and even some kollel yungeleit and rebbeim, may not know all of the answers. While there are perhaps more people learning Torah than ever, basic knowledge of our rich Mesorah is sorely lacking.

It’s not for lack of available information, nor for lack of interest. Many just can’t find an approachable and interesting way to learn this information. While there are many scholarly works available with a wealth of information, and there are charts with long lists of names and dates, there hasn’t been a work that combines just the right amount of text, with the right amount of info, all wrapped up in an attractive, colorful, and easy-to- use format.

Until now…

The Minneapolis Community Kollel has created the book you need: “From Har Sinai to Me.” This revolutionary new work has already met with rave reviews from roshei kollel, menahalim, rebbeim, and baalei batim alike in its limited release.

The highlight of this 50-page full-color work is the striking first page spread: A flowchart depicting the Mesorah, rebbe to talmid, from Moshe Rabbeinu until you, the reader!

The next section begins with a timeline with a brief overview of the eras of the Mesorah, followed by a detailed era-by- era look, with a short article and timelines of important Rabbonim and events for each era. The book continues with a section that details the major texts of the Mesorah, and informative articles that create the backdrop for understanding our Mesorah.

This incredible work has already been customized and distributed in local editions by several kollelim around the country. Now, a universal version is being offered in a limited release. To see more about this groundbreaking work, or to obtain a copy for yourself, visit


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