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Chessed in Wartime – Chassdei Naomi Offers Simcha Halls to Fleeing Southern Residents

Tens of workers were enlisted this week during Operation Pillar of Defense as Chassdei Naomi undertook to kasher a number of chasnah halls to make them available to southern residents without charge. Those residents who fled the rocket strike communities who had a simcha planned for the week were offered a hall elsewhere to permit holding the simcha as planned. Four halls were made available to accommodate the southern area refugees.

Rabbi Yosef Cohen, who stands at the helm of the chessed organization, explains he received many requests for assistance from communities unable to host weddings and other smachos due to the warfare. The rav enlisted dozens of professionals, stating many worked around-the-clock towards hosting weddings and other events for southern residents free of charge.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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