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United’s New 787 Diverted Mid-Flight For Mechanical Problem

A brand new United Airlines 787 Dreamliner with 184 people aboard was forced to divert to New Orleans Tuesday after experiencing a mechanical problem on a flight from Houston to Newark.

“United Flight 1146 to Newark diverted to New Orleans this morning when a mechanical issue arose following departure from Houston,” United said in a statement.

“The Boeing 787 aircraft landed safely and without incident.”

United said the flight carried 174 customers and 10 crew members, and it was putting passengers on a different aircraft to Newark.

The airline said it would work with Boeing to review the diversion and determine the cause.

Boeing said it “is aware of the diversion of United’s 787 flight to New Orleans. We are working with our customer, at their request, to further understand the event.”

United is the first U.S. airline to put the new carbon-composite 787 into service, and flew its first commercial flight with the new jet on Nov. 4.


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