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PHOTOS: Armed Man Arrested After Trying To Rob Boro Park Store

A man armed with a knife tried to rob a store in Boro Park, Tuesday afternoon, but was quickly apprehended.

The man entered “The Nuttery” on 16 Avenue near 48 Street just before 1:00PM, and displayed a knife. Fortunately, an employee at the establishment was a member of Boro Park Shomrim, and radioed for backup and police.

Officers from the 66 precinct along with Shomrim volunteers were able to take the man into custody without further incident.

(Yossi Taub – YWN)

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  1. Joseph dear,
    If memory serves me well, the organisation of Crown Heights is called SHMIRA, correct me if I’m wrong

  2. Are we sure that the fine, upstanding individual pictured, whom our dear Mayor wishes to protect under the umbrella of a Sanctuary City, wasn’t trying to show the staff of the Nuttery that he is equipped for a job slicing chocolate logs in the back? And checking assorted dried fruit for potential infestation?

  3. @joseph Theres been a 2nd organization in BP for years, this arrest was done by bp Shmira, not shomrim as it says in the article ( notice in the first picture a man with a jacket saying Shmira) can YWN pls fix the mistake?

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