Chief Rabbinate Approves Menucha B’Kovod Burial Project


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Following up on the meeting held on 2 Iyar 5772, the Chief Rabbinate Religious Council has given its approval to Operation Menucha B’Kovod, which is being implemented under the supervision of Zaka Tel Aviv in cooperation with various chevra kadisha organizations in that city.

The operation addresses the kvura of thousands of body samples and parts that were stored in the Abu Kabir Forensic Institute. Many of the specimens will be in a common kever, but separate kvura will take place when the situation permits.

Zaka Tel Aviv Commander Rav Tzvi Chossid will oversee the operation along with Rabbi Chaim Nogelblatt.

The Chief Rabbinate Council praised the work of the Zaka volunteers and their commitment to kovod hameis.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)