Porush: We Aren’t Here to Protect Those Who Don’t Study Torah


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The primary focus of the Yahadut Hatorah campaign surrounds the new reality in Israel without the protective cloak of the Tal Law – the effort to induct bnei yeshivos into the IDF.

Speaking to the weekly Mishpacha Magazine, Agudas Yisrael’s R’ Meir Porush was asked about those talmidim who have decided to leave beis medrash. He stated that this is not a matter for him, or Yahadut Hatorah, which is working to protect bnei Torah. Porush stated that those who opt to leave the beis medrash are not the responsibility of the party, which is now focused on addressing the harsh realities that exist today and the planned induction of thousands of bnei Torah into the military.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Porush is only confirming the wisdom of the electorate in rejecting him the last time by making such a stupid comment. His party should be concerned about the welfare of ALL frum yidden,including those who selflessly have chosen to risk their lives in serving in the IDF or the many who have found ways to hold a job, earn a parnassah and still find time for learning. They are the real heros of the frum tzibur who also may need support from the government.

  2. That is a potentially sharp divide. If one holds that only full time students arfe entitled to be frum, and any “baal ha-battim” have to cut back on yiddishkeit, you end up in a very unstable situation. Without “baal ha-habattim” the only source of funding will be the government, and that will prove very unreliable.

  3. So who do my relatives, who are in the Techo field in Israel and Charedim VOTE FOR? Is MK Porush wondering why voters are embracing Bayit Yehudi and Likud instead of Degal?

  4. Yes, #3 (Gadolhadorah)!!! Perfectly well said!!! The chutzpah of anyone to say that because you are working, somehow you’re not also learning and shouldn’t be represented. What an elitist! Time to vote for someone who cares about all of the Jewish people! Bayit HaYehudi or Likud!